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Blunder leaves Frayna sad in Vlissingen

  • Written by Ed Andaya
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ANOTHER game, another learning experience for WGM  Janelle Mae Frayna.

Frayna blundered away a winning endgame and lost badly to GM Attila Czebe of Hungary  in 40 moves of a Modern Defense in the seventh round of the 21st Hogeschool Zeeland Open 2017 in Vlissingen, Netherlands.

Still smarting from a sorry setback to GM Konstantin Landa of  Russia the round before, Frayna kept Czebe on the ropes with a solid middlegame where she emerged with two connected passed pawns in the center but threw it away when she missed the right continuation.

What made matters worse was Frayna  also missed two chances to salvage  a draw on the 37th and  39th moves, enabling the  higher-rated  Hungarian  player  (ELO 2465)  to  escape with  the  win in what experts said was “a  completely lost endgame.”

With  her second straight setback, the 21-year-old champion  from Legazpi City, Bicol  tumbled out of the Top 20 with 4.5 points in seven rounds and virtually kissed her title chances goodbye.

Up next for Frayna in the  eighth and penultimate round is Erik Sparenberg of the Netherlands.
It was a sad day, too, for Frayna’s  coach-adviser, GM Jayson Gonzales.
Gonzales  suffered his first defeat after losing to  IM R Praggnanandhaa  of  India  in  50 moves of a  Caro Kann Defense.
Gonzales, the  former National Chess Federation of the Philippines  (NCFP) executive  director, also  dropped out of a share of third spot  the  previous rounds to outside the  top 10 with five points to show in the 226-player tournament.
Gonzales  clashes  with Dutch Andries Mellema in the next round.
Six players, led by top seed GM   Edward  Iturrizaga Bonelli of  Venezuela and second  seed GM Konstantin  Landa of Russia, share the  top spot  with six  points apiece.      
Also in the lead  pack are  GMs Benjamin  Bok   and Sipke  Ernst of the  Netherlands, GM Vyacheslav Ikonnikov of  Russia and    IM R. Praggnanandhaa of India.
Frayna’s campaign is fully supported by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), headed by Chairman William Ramirez and the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP), led by president/chairman Prospero Pichay Jr.
Also supporting her are NCFP secretary-general  Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino, GM  Eugene Torre, NCFP executive director Red  Dumuk, FEU chairman Aurelio Montinola III, Senate President Koko Pimentel and Rep. Neri Colmenares.

The moves:
Round 8
J. Frayna (Philippines) vs. A. Czebe (Hungary)

1. d4 d6 2. e4 g6 3. c4 Bg7 4. Nc3 e5 5. dxe5 dxe5 6. Qxd8+ Kxd8 7. f4 c6 8. Nf3 Nd7 9. fxe5 Nxe5 10. Bf4 Nxf3+ 11. gxf3 Be6 12. O-O-O  Kc8 13. Kc2 Nf6 14. Bd6 Rd8 15. Be2 Bf8 16. c5 Bxd6 17. cxd6 Nh5 18. Rd2 b5 19. Rhd1 Kb7 20. b3 a6 21. Kb2 Kb6 22. Bf1 Rd7 23. Ne2 Re8 24. Ng3 Nf4 25. Ne2 Nxe2  26. Rxe2 f6 27. h4 c5 28. e5 Rf8  29. f4 fxe5 30. fxe5 c4 31. bxc4 bxc4 32. Re3 Rf2+ 33. Kc3 Kc5 34. Be2 Rb7 35. Re4 Kc6 36. Rf1 Rh2 37. Bxc4 Rh3+ 38. Bd3 Rb5 39. Rc1 Rc5+ 40. Kb2 Rxd3                         0-1