Tough stance

US tells North Korea to end missile tests for talks US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Monday ruled out a quick return to dialogue with North Korea, as he said new UN sanctions showed the world had run out…

Tough task

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US pushes Asian nations on North Korea MANILA -- US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sought to build pressure on North Korea after securing a new round of United Nations sanctions as he launched into two days of high-level diplomacy…

Troubled waters

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VIETNAM urged other Southeast Asian nations to take a stronger stand against Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, as a tense regional security forum began Saturday with North Korea also under fire over its nuclear program. Ahead of the…

China ups ante in high-altitude feud with India

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BEIJING -- China has stepped up its rhetoric in an increasingly tense border row with India, hinting at the possibility of military action in a propaganda push that analysts are calling “genuinely troubling.” For more than a month, Indian and…

UN to vote on tougher North Korea sanctions

UNITED NATIONS, United States — The UN Security Council was to vote Saturday on a US-drafted resolution toughening sanctions on North Korea, diplomats said Friday, a proposed ban on certain exports that could deprive Pyongyang of $1 billion in annual…

New assembly dividing Venezuela begins work

CARACAS -- A new assembly packed with allies of unpopular President Nicolas Maduro and with sweeping powers was to begin work on Saturday, deepening divisions in a crisis-wracked Venezuela. The Constituent Assembly, headed by a former foreign minister, Delcy Rodriguez,…

China will protect its sovereignty: Xi

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BEIJING -- China will iercely protect its sovereignty against “any people, organization or political party,” President Xi Jinping warned Tuesday, as the country celebrated the 90th anniversary of its military, the People’s Liberation Army. The message comes as the ruling…

Up to US, N. Korea -- China

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UNITED NATIONS, United States -- China hit back at the United States over North Korea on Monday with its ambassador to the United Nations saying Washington and Pyongyang bore primary responsibility for easing tensions, not Beijing. “No matter how capable…

Police arrest two Maduro detractors

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CARACAS -- The Venezuelan intelligence service arrested two prominent opposition leaders overnight Monday, relatives said, a day after a vote to choose a much-condemned assembly that supersedes parliament. Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma were both already under house arrest when…

Nuke specter

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed that North Korea’s missile program poses “a grave and growing direct threat,” the White House said Sundaym vowing renewed economic and diplomatic pressure on Pyongyang. “President Donald J.…

Another UN resolution useless — US envoy

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UNITED NATIONS, United States -- The US envoy to the United Nations said Sunday there was “no point” in holding a likely fruitless emergency Security Council session on North Korea’s latest launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Warning that a…

China police arrest 230 over pyramid scheme

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BEIJING -- Chinese police have arrested 230 members of a suspected pyramid scheme, a week after a rare demonstration in Beijing protesting a crackdown on the group. The scheme, known as Shanxinhui or “philanthropic exchange”, is under investigation and the…

Nuclear threat

SEOUL -- Kim Jong-Un boasted of North Korea’s ability to strike any target in the US after a second ICBM test that weapons experts said Saturday could even bring New York into range — in a potent challenge to President…
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