EU to present Trump trade war riposte

BRUSSELS -- The EU will Wednesday set out plans to strike back against US President Donald Trump’s threatened steel and aluminum tariffs, with flagship US products such as jeans, motorbikes and whiskey in the crosshairs. No firm decision is expected…

Fall from grace

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SEOUL -- A former South Korean presidential contender stepped down as a provincial governor Tuesday and announced his retirement from politics after a secretary accused him of multiple rapes. The stunning fall of Ahn Hee-jung — who came second to…

$5M taken in ‘the great plane robbery’ in Brazil

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SAO PAULO -- A group of thieves stole $5 million in cash, which had been due to travel from Brazil to Switzerland aboard a Lufthansa jet, at a large freight airport near Sao Paulo, police said Monday. The spectacular heist,…

Danish inventor faces trial over chopped-up journalist

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COPENHAGEN -- Danish self-taught engineer Peter Madsen, charged with murdering and mutilating Swedish journalist Kim Wall last year aboard his homemade submarine, goes on trial Thursday over a macabre case that rocked the usually placid Nordic nation. The Copenhagen Court…

Saudi women will drive but face bumpy road to empowerment

KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia -- Mervat Bukhari, a force of nature draped head-to-toe in Islamic niqab, braved insults and taunts to become the first Saudi woman to work at a gas station, something unimaginable not long ago. The kingdom, where conservatives…

China strongman

Historic meeting lauds lifetime power for Xi BEIJING -- Thousands of Chinese legislators erupted into enthusiastic applause on Monday over plans to give President Xi Jinping a lifetime mandate to mould the Asian giant into a global superpower. China’s rubber-stamp…

Laughing matter?

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump on Saturday appeared to cheer on China's Xi Jinping for paving the way to a limitless tenure, while delivering a lighthearted address at a Florida fundraising event. Trump seemed to jokingly muse over making such power…

China sets retaliation if US harms trade

BEIJING -- Beijing warned Sunday that it is ready to hit back at the United States if it harms China's economic interests, fuelling fears of a trade war after President Donald Trump unveiled steel and aluminum tariffs. Trump's announcement on…

Gun violence USA

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CHICAGO — A university student who fatally shot his parents on his school campus in the US state of Michigan was arrested without incident after an hours-long manhunt, officials said early Saturday. The episode had put the Central Michigan University…

Economists see stability in Xi presidency for life

BEIJING -- As Xi Jinping marches toward presidency for life, economists are lauding the stability of his continued rule but the move has caused some Chinese people to consider moving assets, or themselves, abroad. The Communist Party’s move to scrap…

World watches keenly Xi lifetime power play in China

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BEIJING -- President Xi Jinping’s leap toward lifelong rule has largely been met by guarded silence in world capitals as governments try to predict how China’s formidable leader will wield his newfound power on the global stage. The Communist Party’s…

Leader for life

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BEIJING -- China’s propaganda machine kicked into overdrive on Tuesday to defend the Communist Party’s move to lift term limits for President Xi Jinping as criticism persisted on social media in defiance of censorship. The party has shocked many observers…

Pummeled civilians in Syria enclave await Russia’s first daily truce

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DOUMA, Syria — The battered residents of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta rebel enclave were waiting Tuesday morning for the start of a “humanitarian pause” announced by Russia after days of carnage wrought by artillery and air strikes. More than 550 civilians,…
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