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DAVOS, Switzerland -- The global elite begin a week of earnest debate and Alpine partying in the Swiss ski resort of Davos on Tuesday, in a week bookended by two presidential speeches of historic import. One will be by Xi…

Turkish police catch nightclub gunman

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ISTANBUL -- Turkish police were questioning Tuesday the suspected jihadist who slaughtered 39 people on New Year’s night at an Istanbul nightclub, after capturing him in a raid on a residential area of the city after a long manhunt. The…

MH370 plane search halted

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SYDNEY — The deep sea hunt for missing flight MH370 has been suspended after nearly three years without result, the Australian, Malaysian and Chinese governments said Tuesday. The Malaysia Airlines aircraft disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on…

Who is Trump?

Trump: The unlikely president, symbol of rising populism WASHINGTON -- In the early hours of November 9, Donald J. Trump stepped into an overheated room in a midtown Manhattan hotel, surrounded, as always, by members of his family. His youngest…

Protest rally

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, but hundreds of thousands of protesters are also expected in Washington next week to vent their frustration over his election win. Demonstrations are scheduled across the…

Fight vs IS going as fast as possible -- Pentagon official

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WASHINGTON -- The US-led coalition attacking the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria would struggle to dramatically quicken the campaign, a top Pentagon official said Friday, amid mounting pressure to accelerate the fight. President-elect Do­nald Trump has repeatedly said…

US coin sporting a Black Lady Liberty issued soon

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WASHINGTON -- The United States is set to issue a commemorative $100 gold coin that depicts Lady Liberty -- a national symbol generally portrayed as a white woman -- as an African American for the first time. The 24-karat gold…

Trump’s ‘rebels’

WASHINGTON -- Toughness with Russia and China, support of the Iran nuclear deal, the quest for a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Donald Trump’s diplomacy and military picks have outlined the incoming administration’s foreign policy in Senate confirmation hearings this…

Decades-old policy for Cuban migrants ends

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WASHINGTON -- US President Barack Obama on Thursday ended a decades-old policy that allowed Cuban migrants who arrived illegally on US soil to stay. In one of his final acts before leaving the White House, he scrapped rules allowing those…

Trump pick could talk his way into war — Chinese media

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BEIJING -- Prospective US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson better watch his mouth, angry Chinese media said Friday, warning Donald Trump’s nominee that his threats to block China in the South China Sea are fighting words. The comments came after…

Trump’s secretary of state pick scores China isle building

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump’s secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson hit out at China Wednesday during his Senate confirmation hearing, warning the US would send a “clear signal” that the Asian giant must abandon its artificial islands in the South…

Nazi war criminal died in Syria basement

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PARIS -- Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, who was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 130,000 Jews, died in 2001 at the age of 89, locked up in a squalid Damascus basement, a French magazine reported Wednesday. Its investigation…

Mexico, US clash over wall as trade talks loom

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MEXICO CITY -- While Donald Trump is still days away from becoming US president, Mexico is already gearing for tough negotiations, refusing to pay for a border wall while rejecting protectionist threats. President Enrique Pena Nieto and Trump gave a…

'Yes we did, yes we can'

CHICAGO -- President Barack Obama addressed America and the world for the final time as president Tuesday, in a speech that was both a tearful goodbye and a call to arms. Capping his eight years in the White House, Obama…
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