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Ballistic fail

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SEOUL -- A new North Korean missile test failed on Wednesday, the South and US said, two weeks after Pyongyang launched four rockets in what it called a drill for an attack on American bases in Japan. The nuclear-armed North…

US, Britain ban laptops on flights from ME, North Africa

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WASHINGTON -- The United States and Britain on Tuesday banned larger electronic devices from the passenger cabin on flights from some airports in Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. American officials warned that extremists are seeking “innovative” ways to…

Jesus’s tomb restored

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JERUSALEM -- The tomb where Jesus is believed to have been buried is being unveiled again following nine months of restoration work that will be highlighted at a much anticipated ceremony Wednesday. The shrine, which includes a 19th-century ornate edicule…

Nuclear threat

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SEOUL -- North Korea’s uranium enrichment facility has doubled in size over the last few years, the UN’s atomic watchdog chief has warned, as global tensions grow over Pyongyang’s burgeoning nuclear weapons program. Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic…

Mexico girds for trade war with US

MEXICO CITY -- Mexico has identified a potential weapon in its trade wrangle with US President Donald Trump: lucrative yellow cobs of American corn. The Latin American nation imports billions of dollars’ worth of the yellow grain from the United…

Prosecutors grill South Korea’s Park

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SEOUL -- Ousted South Korean president Park Geun-Hye was questioned by prosecutors Tuesday over the corruption and abuse of power scandal that brought her down, after using executive privilege to avoid them for months while in office. Park apologised to…

Taiwan fears China invasion

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KAOHSIUNG -- Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen launched the island’s first ever home-grown submarine project Tuesday in the face of what the government says are growing military threats from China. The move comes after China sent its only aircraft carrier, the…

Drunk pals cause Vietnam flood with prank

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HANOI -- A boozy prank that saw three men open the floodgates of a reservoir in central Vietnam resulted in crops being destroyed and may lead to hot season water shortages, officials said Tuesday. The men were detained after their…

Drug menace

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US communities crumbling under an evolving narco addiction crisis WASHINGTON -- Of the 2,900 babies born last year in Cabell County, West Virginia, 500 had to be weaned off of opioid dependence. In Ohio, counties are renting refrigerated trailers to…

Fighting for ban

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration on Friday appealed a Maryland court’s block of its revised travel ban, aiming to reinstate the temporary halt to immigrants and visitor arrivals from six majority Muslim countries. The Justice Department filed a notice of…

C.Americans fear that Trump will cut vital dollar lifeline

INTIPUCÁ, El Salvador -- Families across Central America are living in fear that US President Donald Trump’s anti-immigration policies will stem the vital flow of money sent home by migrants each year. The concern is that relatives who have emigrated…

Report says World Bank indirectly backs harmful SE Asian projects

WASHINGTON -- World Bank investments in commercial financial institutions are indirectly allowing land-grabs, evictions and pollution in Southeast Asia, a watchdog group charged in a report Friday. By investing in banks and other so-called financial intermediaries, World Bank funds can…

Late US billionaire’s record land gift lays Chile row to rest

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SANTIAGO -- Douglas Tompkins’s widow vividly remembers the suspicions the late billionaire raised when he started buying up land in Patagonia, the natural paradise at the bottom of South America. Some accused him of preparing a storage site for American…
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