Was he joking?

  • Written by EMontano, AFP
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MALACAÑANG officials have no idea whether President Rodrigo Duterte’s story about fatally stabbing someone when he was in  his teens was a joke or not.

The President had said in his speech before Filipinos in Vietnam that he stabbed a person to death in a gang fight when he was a teenager.

Duterte recalled the episode in his young life as he explained why he hates drugs and those who distribute them.

“….. ‘pag ginawa mo sa Pilipino iyan, hihiritan kita. Kulong? Ay sus. Kulong, eh noong teenager ako pasok-labas-pasok ako sa kulungan,” he said.

“Rambol dito, rambol—at the age of 16, may pinatay na ako. Tao talaga. Rambol. Saksak. Noong 16 years old iyon, nagkatinginan lang. Eh lalo na ako ngayong presidente na ako. You fuck with my countrymen, ‘di kita papalusutin. Bahala na kayong human rights,” he added, eliciting laughter from the audience.
The President is known for telling deadpan jokes but he appeared rather serious when he talked about killing a young man for staring at him.  
Duterte’s aides have repeatedly told journalists not to believe everything the president says, cautioning that he often jokes or indulges in “hyperbole”.
His new spokesman, Harry Roque, indicated that may be the case with his stabbing-to-death claim.
“I think it was in jest. The Pres uses colorful language when w Pinoys (Filipinos) overseas,” Roque said in a text message.