Sereno raps hearsay, CJ’s camp cries

  • Written by Hector Lawas
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THE camp of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno yesterday insisted that the impeachment complaints against her were based on hearsay, hence should be junked.

In a statement, Sereno’s spokesperson Carlo Cruz said the impeachment complaints are “designed to maximize the political spectacle, with the goal of eroding her credibility through innuendo and malicious allegations.”

“This is detrimental to the independence of the judiciary upon whom all citizens rely to defend their rights and to check any abuse,” Cruz said.

He issued the statement after the House Committee on Justice on Wednesday found the impeachment complaint filed by lawyer Larry Gadon sufficient both in form and in substance.

The committee, however, dismissed the impeachment complaint filed the by Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption for insufficiency in form as the group submitted an unverified complaint at the House of Representatives.

Cruz said Sereno would address all the issues raised against her in the answer that she would be filing.
of the Chief Justice awaits the transmission of the complaints through official channels. She will avail herself of appropriate legal remedies, with the hope that the mechanisms of our democratic system will afford her a fair, transparent and just opportunity to be heard,” the statement read.
Cruz noted that many of the allegations in the complaints are unsupported by evidence or rely mainly on newspaper clippings.
“We maintain that, contrary to the findings of the House Committee on Justice, none of the allegations in the complaints is true. For this reason, we respectfully submit that the complaints cannot be considered sufficient in both form and substance. None of the allegations rises to an impeachable offense,” Cruz said.
The lawyer also noted the apparent double-standard that lawmakers applied in Sereno’s case compared to similar previous proceedings.
“We further understand that the determinations of the House Committee appear to be inconsistent with its findings and actions in similar proceedings in the past,” he noted.
“We remain hopeful that our Congress will decide based on the merits of the case, and affirm their commitment to our democracy over partisan or parochial interests. In the meantime, the Chief Justice continues to discharge her duties with fairness, integrity and humility,” Cruz stressed.