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Saleslady raped stabbed in eye!

  • Written by Gemi Formaran
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BLOOD and tears gruesomely trickled down the sales­lady’s cheeks from her mangled right eye. And the look of unimaginable fright remained frozen on her pretty face. Grisly, her still nameless assailant had shoved a knife into her eyeball after raping her.

The victim was identified as Bianca Punzalan, 19, saleslady of the newly-opened  Baby Owl Boutique located in Bgy. 3 in Lucena City.

Punzalan suffered a fatal stab wound in the right eye and was already lifeless when discovered by Gloria Magadia, the establishment owner, at 2:40 p.m. last Friday.

One of the probers said the victim’s pants and underwear were both rolled down indicating that she was raped. “It is possible that the victim had resisted while being raped prompting the suspect to stab her in the eye using a knife,” he added.

However, the prober clarified that the Scene of Crime Operatives (SOCO) still has to issue an official statement.
The prober revealed that the boutique was robbed of an undetermined amount of cash.
Police immediately sought assistance from nearby business establishments and houses where CCTV cameras are installed.
The boutique is situated along busy streets beside other business establishments and not so far from the city police station.
A number of killings in the city had been recorded in recent weeks but not a single case has been resolved.
The latest was the slay of village chieftain Eduardo Berina who was gunned down inside his house in Bgy. Iyam last Novemver 14 by a still unidentified assailant.