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Romualdez daughter reaches out to Leyte's poor

  • Written by Ryan Ponce Pacpaco
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MINXIE Romualdez, nine-year-old daughter of Leyte (1st District) Rep. Yedda Marie Kittilstvedt-Romualdez and Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) President Martin Romualdez, will launch the 2017 Christmas Pig Project, a noble undertaking which aims  to ensure that  Christmas this year will be most joyful and memorable for Leyte’s poor families.

The young Romualdez said her project involves the distribution very soon of more than 500 red piggy banks to her friends and people who can help share their blessings for the poor Leyte families this December.
Minxie said the red piggy banks were bought using her own savings from her piggy banks, recalling that her parents have been teaching her and her siblings the value of saving money as this would not only make them financially literate, but also inculcate the values of honesty and prudence.
“With the help of my mommy, I used my savings to buy hundreds of these red piggy banks. I made a list of people who I know would be happy to help poor families and make their Christmas a lot more special,” Minxie narrated.
“I know that when we put all our efforts together, all our small acts of kindness can make a lot of difference, especially for poor families. I can already imagine smiles we would put on their faces, and for you and your family, I hope to bring you the joy that comes with helping others,” she explained.
Before the year ends, Minxie said she will collect all the red piggy banks full of coins that she will be giving to her friends for distribution to the poor families of Leyte.
“At the end of this year, I will collect the full piggy banks and distribute it to a selected number of poor families as a gift to make their Christmas a lot more special. In return, I will be sending you a special Christmas postcard with the photo of the family who has received your Christmas piggy bank,” said Minxie.
She cited the compassion and commitment of her parents in providing assistance to the poor, especially in Leyte as a pattern to push her project that would give smile to the poor families.
“I am Minxie Romualdez, the daughter of Martin and Yedda Romualdez. I grew up admiring the work that my parents are doing for the people of our province. It always made me wonder how in my own simple way, I can also do something to help poor families in Leyte because their parents not being able to provide for all their needs,” said Minxie.
The young Romualdez said she came up with the idea of Christmas Pig Project last Christmas when she thought of buying gifts for her brothers and sister using her piggy banks.
But Minxie was told by her mother to instead bring happiness to the less fortunate and needy families.
“This is why, last Christmas, I came up with this idea of the Christmas Pig Project. Ever since, I always tried to save up money by keeping them in my piggy banks. But last year when I tried to get the money so I could buy gifts for my brothers and sister, my mommy encouraged me to use the money instead to help less fortunate families from our home province. It was then when I realized that if many others would do the same, we could make this Christmas a lot more special for many families,” said Minxie.
Minxie has been writing her friends and other people to make her Christmas Pig Project a successful endeavor in providing smile and happiness to the poor families of Leyte.
“I am, therefore, writing to tell you that I have included you in my list and I would like to ask you to be part of this project. Together with this letter is a piggy bank where you can save inside your loose coins throughout the year,” said Minxie.
“Thank you very much for your help. I am sure many more young children from Leyte also look forward to your support,” Minxie ended.