Protest US intel report on Duterte, Speaker urges DFA

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
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DISMAYED Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez yesterday said the Department of Foreign Affairs should file a diplomatic protest with the United States over its intelligence report declaring President Rodrigo Duterte “a threat to democracy and human rights in Southeast Asia.”

At the same time Alvarez called for the Philippines leaving the United Nations and to form a United Nations Asia, which will protect the interest of the Asian nations.

Alvarez made the suggestion as he slammed the United States intelligence report that included President Duterte among Southeast Asian leaders that pose a threat to democracy and human rights.

According to Alvarez, the DFA should file a diplomatic protest with the United States for its intelligence report.

The US released the unclassified version of the report last February 12 and a PDF copy is available online. The report specified that Duterte’s war on drugs and pronouncements on revolutionary government and nationwide martial law as among “regional threats.”

“Unang-una, mag-ano ng protesta yung DFA kasi, anong pakialam nila sa atin, di ba? Sila nga itong maraming kalokohan sa iba’t ibang bansa,” Alvarez said in a radio interview when asked to comment on the US intelligence report.
With this incident, Alvarez said it is about time to get rid of Western intervention but instead protect the welfare and interest of Asian nations like Philippines.
“Sila ‘yung talagang gumagawa ng maraming kalokohan sa iba’t ibang bansa para lang mapasunod nila. Nanghihimasok sila, nakikialam sa independence at sovereignty of several nations in the world kaya nakakarma sila. Pati ‘yung mga tao nila, hindi na nako-kontrol, nambabaril na,” he said.
Alvarez said there is nothing to worry about the US intelligence report as the threat really comes from the US, not from Asia.
“In fact, kung ako nga ang tatanungin mo, imumungkahi ko na buwagin na ‘yang United Nations kasi wala namang silbi ‘yan e,” he added.
Alvarez pointed out that it is the US which poses a threat to democracy because of its interference in the internal affairs and undermining the sovereignty of many countries in order to ensure its continued influence as a world power and promote its interests.
He then urged the Filipino people to unite and protect the sovereignty of the Philippines from undue interference by the US.
Nevertheless, Alvarez said the Philippines should continue to maintain good relations with the US but at the same time assert our sovereignty and protect our national interest.
“Alam mo para sa akin, magkaibigan pa rin naman tayo kaya lang, yung minumungkahi ko na gumawa na lang ng United Nations of Asia ay para pangalagaan yung interest naman natin – tayo lang dito sa Asia, di ba?” Alvarez said.
Through the formation of an international body analogous to the United Nations composed exclusively of Asian nations, Alvarez said Asian nations can truly protect their geopolitical and economic interests.
‘Opinionated assessment’
Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa yesterday came to the defense of President Duterte against the derogatory US government intelligence report.
The police general who vowed to fight for President Duterte until death said that the US intelligence community is entitled to its own opinion granting the report on the assessment is not ‘fake news.’
“Puwede rin namang kami rito, intelligence community ng Pilipinas, magsasabi na ang assessment namin ang US ay banta sa demokrasya ng Pilipinas. Puwede naman tayo magkaroon ng opinyon na ganoon but wala ha, wala kaming opinyon na ganoon against sa kanila sa ngayon. So these are all opinionated assessments,” he said.
The PNP chief, who is already serving the 2nd month of his extended term, said he already met the Commander-in-Chief at the Presidential Palace last Wednesday but the latter did not made mention on when his 2nd extension would last.