Presidential fashion chic: ‘Gusot masa’

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of fashion is “gusot masa”.

The President explained that he usually folds the sleeves of his barong tagalog for his
comfort and to please himself and not anybody else.
Duterte drew flak when he showed up for the ASEAN Summit in a creased barong with sleeves
folded halfway to his elbow.
In his defense he said that he rarely wears a coat and tie since it’s too hot for him.
“You know, I dress not to impress and please anybody. I dress to be comfortable,” he said
during an event before farmers and fisherfolk in Davao City.
He bared that he bought his barong at Tutuban Center shopping mall in Divisoria, Manila.
The President, who presided over marathon meetings during the summit, said he was there “not
to please any state figure, prime ministers or Presidents.”
He said he feels easier moving around with the sleeves of his barong folded just like former
President Fidel V. Ramos.
The President, however, jokingly said that when he dies he prefers to lie in state in coat and
tie, stressing that in his funeral visits, the dead were oftentimes wearing barong tagalog.