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PNP: body found not kulot

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PAO rejects DNA findings

PUBLIC  Attorney’s Office Chief Persida Rueda Acosta yesterday shrugged off findings of the Philippine National Police that the body found in Gapan, Nueva Ecija was not that of 14-year-old Reynaldo De Guzman.
After  a DNA test conducted by the PNP Crime Laboratory on ‘Kulot’s’ remains showed that it belonged to a person whose DNA profile did not match that of the couple.
In a press conference, PNP Deputy Chief for Operations, Deputy Director General Fernando H. Mendez Jr. said the body bearing multiple stab wounds when found floating in a creek at a village in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija last September 5 was not that of ‘Kulot’ citing the result of the DNA test conducted on the body and the De Guzman couple.
“Based on the results obtained, the source of the DNA profile obtained from the male cadaver cannot be the biological offspring of Eduardo Gabriel y Sta. Ana and Lia de Guzman y Dagante,”  Mendez said. He added that conducting a DNA test on crime victims is a normal procedure being undertaken by the PNP Crime Lab.
The PNP Crime Lab said that ‘male DNA profiles were obtained from a cotton swabbing with suspected blood taken from the crime scene, the standard blood of the victim and the buccal swabbing of the victim and the De Guzman couple.’
“No DNA profile was obtained from the fingernail clippings taken from the left and right hands of the victim,” it added. However, the ‘male DNA profile obtained from the cotton swabbing with suspected blood taken from the crime scene is consistent with the DNA profile obtained from the standard blood of the victim.’
The head of the DNA Section of the PNP Crime Laboratory, Chief Inspector Lorna Santos said that the DNA test result is always ‘99.99 percent accurate.’
The body found in Kinamatayang Kabayo Creek in Barangay San Roque in Gapan City was identified by the De Guzman family as that of ‘Kulot’ because of the wart on his left knee and a mark on the boy’s neck.            
Mendez said that as of press time, police are still investigating the real identity of the murder victim found in Nueva Ecija who was reportedly the companion of 19-year old Carl Angelo Arnaiz before he was shot dead by policemen last August 18.
He said they have tried but failed to contact the De Guzman family early morning yesterday to relay to them the DNA findings.
“We all know that the cadaver was identified by the parents. It was already bloated and they thought it was the body of their missing son since he appears to be of the same age as the young De Guzman,” he said.
Mendez said they are still investigating if the incident is part of an effort to undermine the Duterte government. President Duterte earlier said that there is an ongoing plot to ‘sabotage’ the government’s war on drugs.
Mendez said they are open to any investigation and would welcome similar DNA test by competent authorities involved in the probe on the killing of Arnaiz et al.