Palace hands off on Marcos deal

  • Written by EMontano, Marlon Purificacion
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MALACANANG is keeping its hands off the proposed bill on a compromise deal with the Marcoses now pending at the House of Representatives.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that the Executive department recognizes separation of powers and the independence of Congress.

Roque further said that Malacanang is leaving it up to the House of Representatives to tackle and debate on the proposed compromise deal for an enabling law, stressing that the government will not make any compromise deal with the Marcoses  since the matter is Congress’ turf.

Earlier Roque belied reports of any compromise deal forged between the government and the Marcos family.

He said that while Atty. Oliver Lozano has written the Office of the President for the setting up of a legal team that would study a compromise agreement with the Marcos family, Malacanang has not  acted and agreed to it .

“There is no truth to the allegation that the goverment has reached a compromise agreement with the family of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Atty. Oliver Lozano may have written to Malacanan proposing the creation of a legal team that would study a compromise agreement with the Marcos family. The proposal, however, has not been acted and agreed upon by the Palace. As to the supposed House bill granting immunity on the Marcoses and allowing compromise on their sequestered assets, the Executive, as we all know, recognizes the separation of powers and independence of Congress. We leave the matter to the House of Representatives to discuss and deliberate,” Roque said.

For his part, chief presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo said: “Our  office as a matter of courtesy and policy acknowledges receipt of any letter coming from any citizen. No action has been taken on Attorney Lozano’s proposal.”

Marcos family’s denial

The Marcos family’s lawyer said his clients had nothing to do with Lozano’s proposal for a compromise deal with the government concerning the family’s wealth.
Marcoses counsel, Atty. Vic Rodriguez said that Lozano is not affiliated nor does he represent the family.
“Let me respond by saying in a very clear manner that the Marcos family has no knowledge or information of that apparent exchange and service of document between Lozano and the office of Sec. Sal (Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo),” said Rodriguez.
“As a point of information, Oliver Lozano does not represent any member of the Marcos family or the estate of the late President Marcos,” the spokesman stressed.
Panelo, a known Marcos loyalist, said his office had received Lozano’s proposal offering the government a cut of the family’s wealth in exchange for dropping all cases against the late dictator’s kin.
Lozano’s draft proposal stated that Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II and former Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos “personally appeared” in Batac, Ilocos Norte on September 21, 2017 to acknowledge the compromise deal.

The proposal, however, does not contain the signature of either Aguirre or Mrs. Marcos.

Moreover, Aguirre denied any knowledge of the deal. “I have not heard of it before,” the justice secretary said on Monday.