Marcos camp laughs off Robredo delaying tactic

  • Written by Hector Lawas
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THE camp of former senator Ferdinand  ”Bongbong” Marcos yesterday laughed off Vice President Leni Robredo’s latest bid to delay the recount of votes in the vice presidential race.

In a press statement, Atty. Vic Rodriguez, Marcos’ spokesperson, described Robredo’s “manifestation of grave concern” filed before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal as a desperate move aimed at delaying the recount proceedings.

“The blatant attempts of Mrs. Robredo to suppress the truth regarding the manual recount of votes have become more desperate. Just recently, she complained that Nestor Borromeo, one of Marcos’ revisors, was out of line because he was using a small magnifying glass to count the ballots,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

“What she conveniently left out was the fact that the magnifying glass—which is the size of a credit card—was made of plastic and is similar to the ones children play with.

“The people on the revision floor were well aware that the plastic child’s magnifier was being used and never complained. Why should they? Some revisors wear eyeglasses so they can see better,” Rodriguez continued.

In a manifestation, Robredo’s lawyers bared that Marcos revisor, Nestor Borromeo, brought and used a plastic magnifying lens, a supposedly prohibited item, during the recount proceeding on June 14.

According to Robredo, PET informed both parties that only papers can be brought inside the venue for the revision.

But Rodriguez stressed the manifestation was obviously a type of dilatory tactic and they were expecting “more desperate disruptions” from the Robredo camp.

“Now that the proof of fraud and massive cheating is out in the open, we expect more desperate disruptions to come our way. After all, Robredo admitted in a recent TV interview that even though she was out of the loop with the current administration, her way of remaining relevant is “to try to disrupt in the manner in which [her] office has positioned itself,” he said.