Hubby chops up, eats wife!

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Suspected killer Orlando Estrera at the detention cell of the QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit. Photo by: Melnie Ragasa-Jimena Suspected killer Orlando Estrera at the detention cell of the QCPD-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit.

ORLANDO Estrera ,43,  stared at what he believed was a goat that he had just strangled. Next, he meticulously sawed off its head, arms and legs. Then he peeled off its face and ate the brains as if these were creamy spoonfuls of soup. But  the mad killer wasn’t finished with his wicked act. He cut open the victim’s belly and shoved one of its legs inside, the other one deep into its sex organ.

While talking later to probers with brains bits still on his hair, Estrera realized that he had mutilated and devoured his wife.

The 16-year quest of the Estrera couple to have a child turned into tragedy as the husband butchered his wife, mutilated her body and even opened her stomach to see if she indeed has no capacity to carry a child.

Estrera said that he felt that certain spirits have maneuvered his life since withdrawing from drugs 5 years ago.

Around 5 p.m. on Sunday, inside the Estrera’s house in Barangay Holy Spirit, he thought that a goat was massaging him but in reality, it was his wife Heide Espinosa, 46 years old.

Orlando said he strangled the neck of the goat touching his body, he did not hear a woman’s voice begging for help but instead he heard a crying goat.
The suspect then took a 13 inch kitchen knife and opened the stomach of the victim to see if she indeed has myoma.
“Inapakan daw ng suspek ang tiyan ng biktima at saka binuksan para makita kung totoong may bukol sa matres ang asawa kaya hindi sila magkaanak. Kinuha din ang bituka at saka binalatan iyong mukha ng biktima para malaman kung sino iyong nakatago sa mukha ng kambing,” said PO1 Christian Loyola of the Quezon City Police District-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit.
Mutilated body parts of the victim including her head was discovered by the neighbors including the children playing near their house.
A neighbor told the police that she saw the suspect throwing their things outside their house, what caught her attention was when she saw body parts being thrown out by the suspect.
“Ganyan dapat ang ginagawa sa asawa,” the suspect reportedly uttered when one neighbor approached him.
The suspect who is now detained at the QCPD-CIDU is now facing charges of parricide.
Orlando, who showed no remorse talking about how he killed his wife said that he is finally free and that he did not regret killing his wife.