Filipinos among world's happiest

  • Written by Efren Montano
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MALACAÑANG yesterday hailed the results of the 41st Annual Global End of the Year Survey which ranked the Philippines No. 3 on the world’s list of happiest nation.

In Gallup International’s 41st annual global year-end poll, the Philippines retained the third spot with a +84 net happiness score in the top 10 happiest countries of 2017.

The poll showed a five-point increase for the Philippines, which recorded a +79 net happiness score in the year 2016. The country was also at third place in the previous survey.

The Philippines landed behind Colombia which placed second with a net happiness score of +87, and Fiji at first with a net score of +92, according to the poll.

Gallup, however, noted that the world became lonelier as only 59% of survey respondents said they were happy in 2017. The polling body said this was almost 10 points lower than the result in 2016.

“2017 was a tough year with terrorist attacks over almost each week and it may have influenced personal lives all around the world. Nevertheless, a majority in all polled countries are happy,” Gallup said on its website.
In addition, the Gallup global poll showed that the Philippines was also among the countries who were hopeful for 2018 and at the same time believed that the new year would bring economic prosperity.
The country placed fifth with a net score of +32 among top ten countries who were optimistic the economy would be better in 2018.
For the poll’s Hope Index, Filipinos placed ninth with a net optimism score of +40 among the top 10 countries who believe the new year would be better than 2017.
Overall economic optimism and hope, however, declined over the last months, Gallup said.
While 28% of the world was optimistic for the economic outlook in 2018, economic pessimism was at 30%, with a net score of -2 for 2017, according to Gallup.
Presidential communications secretary Martin Andanar said that “in the coming months and years of this administration, we are determined to give greater substance and a more solid foundation for our people’s happiness through a booming economy, effective governance, enduring peace and justice”.
“Even in the bleakest and dire moments of our history as a nation, Filipinos have shown their immense capacity for hope and happiness. The 41st Annual Global End of the Year Survey merely reaffirms this well known facet of the Filipino’s character. While Gallup places the Philippines as the third happiest country in the world with a net score of +84 and two places behind Fiji, many Filipinos will agree that we are the happiest people in the world despite our circumstances,” Andanar said.
Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said that the outcome of the global Gallup poll is not surprising especially since the Philippines is known to be a happy country along with its people who can still afford to smile despite the odds including poverty and other  great challenges.