Duterte: Leni in a hurry to become prexy

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Featured Duterte: Leni in a hurry to become prexy


PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte told the Filipino community in Myanmar Sunday night that Vice President Leni Robredo is in a hurry to claim the presidency.
In his hour-long speech, Duterte took a swipe at his political opponents criticizing his war on illegal drugs.
Duterte mocked his “enemies,” as he called them, for trying to use the high death toll of the aggressive anti-narcotics campaign against him.
“Mga kalaban ko, gusto akong…  Si Leni, apurado masyado maging Presidente,” Duterte said wryly, to howls of laughter from the crowd.
It will be recalled that Robredo brought to the attention of the United Nations, through a video, the thousands of “extrajudicial killings” committed since the Duterte administration took power and launched its war on drugs.
Duterte also mocked Sen. Antonio Trillanes, calling him an “idiot” and a “coward” for a “mutiny” attempt in a Makati City hotel during the Arroyo administration.
“’Di naman umabot ng barilan, ni isang putok,” Duterte said.
“Trillanes is a barking dog. You know, this guy, he was the one who led the mutiny. Remember [when he led mutiny in Oakwood Towers in] Makati?” Duterte said.
“Look at this idiot, he called for mutiny but as a coward, he surrendered when the police came,” the President said.
Trillanes has also been a vocal critic of human rights violations under the Duterte administration. He has also accused Duterte of having billions of pesos in various bank accounts.
“Nakita niyo naman behavior. Medyo pareho kay De Lima,” he said, again eliciting laughter from the crowd.
De Lima, when she was still chair of the Commission on Human Rights, started criticizing Duterte for his alleged involvement in the Davao Death Squad when he was still mayor.
The former justice chief and now lady senator  is now detained on illegal drugs charges, largely based on testimonies by convicts in the New Bilibid Prison.
“Sabihin niya political prisoner daw siya. Since when? Since when ako nagpakulong ng opposition diyan?” Duterte said.
“That”s the tragedy in our country,” the President said.
“It was the secretary of justice herself running, trafficking drugs.”
Duterte was referring to the time when De Lima was the justice secretary.
“Kaya ’yung sinasabing maraming napapatay sa [war on] drugs, totoo ’yan. (So the talk that so many are getting killed in the war on drugs is true.) I’m not denying to the world,” Duterte said.
He reiterated that his orders to the police were to arrest drug suspects.
“[But if] there is violent resistance and if you think you will die, shoot the idiot,” he said.
Duterte reiterated that the bloody anti-drug campaign would persist.

“We will continue until the last drug lord in the Philippines is killed and the pusher out of the streets. If I go to prison for that, so be it, it’s my destiny,” he said.
Duterte last week cleared Robredo of involvement in supposed destabilization plots against his administration.
“Hindi ko sabihin kasali si Leni. I don’t want to drag Leni,” he said then.
For her part, Robredo also in December denied such allegations.
Later in the speech, Duterte had this advice for the Filipino community in Myanmar: “The best thing really is, if you want the truth, go home and find out what’s happening in our country. At least makakalakad na kayo (You can go out and walk in the streets)… It will be peaceful. And your children can go out, and your sisters and brothers, and they will be safe.”