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Du30: jail ‘lover’ of Abu member

  • Written by Efren Montano, Alfred Dalizon
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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte  yesterday ordered Philippine National Police  chief Director General Ronald “Bato”’ dela Rosa to throw in jail a ranking policewoman who allegedly had an affair with a suspected Abu Sayyaf member. 

Dela Rosa said the President called him around 2 p.m., instructing the police chief to detain Supt. Cristina Nobleza, who was recently arrested in Bohol with a certain Reneer Lou Dongon, an alleged member of the terrorist group.
“I just received instruction from the President and he ordered me to arrest and incarcerate right away Supt. Cristina Nobleza,” Dela Rosa said.
He said the PNP’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and Legal Service are preparing for the filing of the case against Nobleza.
Dela Rosa said Nobleza will be charged with illegal possession of firearms, harboring a criminal, and conspiracy to commit terrorism.

‘Sleeping with enemy’
De la Rosa yesterday ordered the transfer to Camp Crame of a female police official accused of “sleeping with the enemy” after she was arrested with a suspected Abu Sayyaf member in Bohol and yielded pieces of evidence indicating they were conspiring to help the bandits escape a massive security cordon in the province.
The PNP chief said he has asked the Police Regional Office 7 to request the court to transfer Superintendent Nobleza to the PNP national police headquarters in Camp Crame where she will be grilled by the PNP Intelligence Group.
Nobleza used to be assigned with the PNP Directorate for Intelligence before being returned to her mother unit, the PNP Crime Laboratory and designated as deputy chief of the Regional Crime Laboratory Office 11 based in Davao City.
On Saturday evening, Nobleza and a certain Reneer Lou Dongon, a suspected Abu Sayyaf member who is believed to be her lover, were arrested and detained on suspicion they went to Clarin, Bohol to help rescue the remaining bandits who were fleeing an intensified manhunt in the province more than a week after six of their members were killed in a gunfight with security troops.
Gen. de la Rosa said they have received information that the couple have become lovers.
“Initially, we came up with information that she is a ‘Balik Islam’ and has been romantically linked with that ASG member and driver who was later identified as Reneer Dongon. They fell in love with each other. She fell madly in love. She was sleeping with the enemy,” the PNP chief said.
The couple was arrested in Barangay Bacani in Clarin along with a woman whose three daughters were married to the late Indonesian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan, the late Abu Sayyaf leader Khadaffy Janjalani and Abu Solaiman, who was linked to the 2004 Superferry bombing, and to Ahmad Santos, the founder of the Rajah Solaiman Movement.
With the couple was a 13-year old son of Santos who is currently being held at the maximum-security Bureau of Jail Management and Penology detention center in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig City.
“She’s really the hardcore mother-in-law of the Abu Sayyaf, isn’t she?” the country’s top cop said of the woman whom she did not identify.
According to the official, his men were still investigating if Nobleza, Dongon, and the unnamed mother-in-law of Abu Sayyaf leaders were trying to rescue the remaining Abu Sayyaf members in Bohol.
The suspects were arrested after they tried to drive past a police checkpoint in Clarin town past 8 p.m. last Saturday. When inspected, the vehicle—a black Nissan pick-up — yielded several cellular phones with batteries and canned goods the group was believed taking to the Abu Sayyaf fugitives.
Police also found a text message from Nobleza’s mobile phone purportedly sent by one of the Abu Sayyaf bandits who is still at-large and is begging to be “rescued.” Officials said that Nobleza tried to hide the SIM card of her mobile phone but officers found it. When checked, the SIM card was found to contain messages indicating that the police officer was communicating with the remaining Abu Sayyaf gunmen.
 “So, that Supt. Nobleza is really high-risk and many will be interested in her. She needs to be brought here in Crame so that the people of Bohol will be at peace,” Gen. de la Rosa said.
Police and military troops caught up with the suspects amid a government lockdown in several parts of Bohol where some armed bandits who managed to flee a security operation last April 11 were believed to be hiding.