Alvarez puts foot down on impeachment change

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
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SPEAKER Pantaleon Alvarez does not agree with the proposal to grant the judiciary the power to impeach.

“I do not subscribe to that,” Alvarez said when asked to comment on the proposal of the Consultative Committee (Con-Com).

Alvarez said he will reject the proposal once the Con-Com presents the draft to Congress, which will sit as Constituent Assembly during Charter Change deliberation.

“Hindi pa final yan, it is just a proposal but I am not in favor of that,” Alvarez stressed. 

Earlier, the Con-Com officials said the power to impeach officials should be shared by Congress and the judiciary, and not left to Congress alone.

Con-Com officials, disclosed an emerging consensus on changes to the impeachment process they will propose to be included in a new federal constitution.

“Impeachment will no longer be the exclusive domain of Congress,” the Con-Com said.

The Con-Com is proposing a new impeachment process in which the Senate and the House of Representatives should form a joint impeachment committee but the impeachment trial itself will be conducted by the Federal Constitutional Court.

The proposed process will apply to the impeachment of the president, vice president, members of the Supreme Court, members of constitutional commissions, and the Ombudsman.

In the proposal, Congress’ joint impeachment committee will receive impeachment complaints and determine its sufficiency in form and substance, and if there is probable cause.

Once probable cause is determined, the case will be turned over to the Federal Constitutional Court which will then hold the impeachment trial.

This differs from the current setup in which the House initiates or receives an impeachment complaint, votes on whether or not to impeach the official, then forwards articles of impeachment to the Senate.