Baler top cop sees lesser crimes

  • Written by Mamer BaÑez
  • Published in Provincial
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BALER, Aurora -- It was the core of the campaign platform of Senior Insp. Emilio B. Sison, acting
chief of Baler Police Station (BPS), to lessen and possibly eliminate crime in this capital town of
the province. 

Report said the campaign against illegal drugs resulted in the arrest of 13 drug
personalities operating not only in Baler but other areas and the confiscation of 1.3629 grams of
shabu, 0.03582 grams of marijuana and drugs paraphernalia.
On illegal firearms, Sison said personnel of BPS recovered four different firearms during
police operations -- a Colt cal. .45 pistol, two unlicensed  cal. .38 and one homemade cal. .38.
On illegal logging, 13 persons were arrested, 5,470 board feet of assorted lumber, five
motorcycles with Kolong-kolong and two conveyance motorized boats were confiscated.
On illegal gambling, eighteen persons were charged with violation of PD 1602 as amended by RA
9287 at the office of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Bgy. Suklayin, this town.
For strict implementation of municipal ordinances, Sison cited 26 motorists who violated the
anti-muffler ordinance, 400 motorized tricycle operators with for hire franchises and regulatory
ordinance were apprehended while 13 minors who violated time regulation ordinance were also nabbed.
Sison also reported that they arrested 10 persons with standing warrants of arrest.
The number of crimes reported daily went down from year 2016 to 2017: 5 murder, 4 homicide
and one cattle rustling cases in 2016 were down to zero in 2017; 23 cases on physical injuries in
2016 compared to 13 cases in 2017; 13 rape cases in 2016 to only five in 2017; 23 robbery cases in
2016 to only three in 2017; 50 thefts in 2016 to only 12 in 2017; 11 motornapping cases in 2016 to
only one in 2017.
Crime volume includes both index and non-index crimes. Index crimes are considered serious
crimes including murder, homicide, physical injury and rape as well as crimes against property such
as robbery, theft and carnapping.
Non-index crimes involve violations of special laws such as those on illegal drugs, illegal
logging and illegal gambling or local ordinance
Lastly, on the double barrel update, Sison said there were 32 drug pusher street level
targets and 951 drug personalities surrendered, 489 graduated in the bahay pagbabago and three were
referred to drug rehabilitation centers since their campaign started in July 2016 to-date.