Aussie investor ‘mauled, maligned’ by Pinay files raps

  • Written by Ruben A. Veloria
  • Published in Provincial
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OLONGAPO City -- An Australian national filed on Tuesday criminal charges against a Filipina, who, with several Filipino companions, allegedly abused him physically and verbally in front of his workers inside his company in Subic Freeport Zone.

The complaint was filed before the City Prosecutor’s Office in Olongapo City by Nicholas Fenwick, 48, a native of Adelaide, Australia, and a director of Global Architectural Fabrication (Subic), Inc., on Efficiency Ave., Gateway Park, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Charges of physical injuries, grave threats and cybercrime of libel was filed against one R(h)odalyn Guinto Hanif, of Innovative St., Subic Gateway Park. Hanif claimed herself to be a businesswoman and member of media being part of “Media Expose” that airs over SBC TV22.

Fenwick stated that on the afternoon of May 15, he was at stop while waiting for the highway be cleared of traffic before entering the Gateway Park with other employees, when a white Land Cruiser without license plates came out of the Gateway Park gate and tried to turn left almost hitting Fenwick’s vehicle. The Australian rolled down his window and said, “Learning how to [be] a better driver?” before leaving the place.

Ten minutes later, after arriving at his office, Fenwick, alleged that three angry persons, barged inside the factory premises and started maligning every worker they saw. Fenwick tried to asked the “intruders” to leave but he was mauled by Hanif, while her companion, identified as “Willy”, tried to reach something inside his pouch bag.

Fenwick later heard Hanif told a factory worker that he was lucky they were not able to bring their gun, otherwise she would shoot him.

After the incident, Fenwick discovered that Hanif posted on the social media maligning him and his Filipino workers.