Selling of pinay maids revealed

AN overseas Filipino worker has decried the multiple selling of household service workers to different employers, which is rampant in Saudi Arabia.

Hydee Caro, who was victimized by the malpractice, stressed that selling an HSW to different employers, often several times during the duration of one contract, places the worker in danger.

“The rampant sale of HSWs in Saudi Arabia before the 100-day probation period ends is turning to be fatal and highly disadvantageous to Filipina maids.

They are transferred to various employers by the sponsor or a national who manages to get control of her working permit (iqama) and the worker has no control where she is sold or transferred by her sponsors,” she noted.

Caro said the transfer to another employer should be with the consent of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) so that the POLO officer can monitor her whereabouts, adding that it is also the responsibility of the Foreign Recruitment Agency who deployed the HSW to the original sponsor.

OFW advocates have also pointed out that the transfer of an HSW to a different employer without the approval of the POLO officer is considered a violation of the Philippine-Saudi Special labor agreement and also a violation of POEA Rules
Caro arrived in the country on April 18, 2017 from Buraydah, KSA. She was forced into purchasing her own ticket before she finished a year of her contract because in the 11 months that she stayed there, she was sold to different households thrice and was nearly gang-raped in one of the households she was sold to.
The OFW already filed a complaint before the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) against her local recruitment agency First Personnel Services, Inc. for failing to monitor her situation and take steps to ensure her safety at her jobsite in Buraydah, Kingdom  of Saudi Arabia.
She called on the POEA to work on her case.