Malaysia needs foreign workers

Filipinos who are seeking employment abroad may consider working in Malaysia.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Kuala Lumpur has announced that employment
opportunities has been opened after the Malaysian government decided to ease limits on foreign workers
to address the problem of companies who lack manpower for their expansion.
Labor Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said the POLO in Kuala Lumpur reported that export-
oriented manufacturers can apply for 100 percent foreign workforce to fill low-level jobs in line with
the government’s aim to maintain Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global supply chain.
Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said priority would be given to manufacturing
companies that export their products, but for production workers only.
Mohamed said the main problem being faced by the companies was the lack of manpower needed to
expand their business to meet the growing demand from international buyers.
The Deputy Home Minister added that the decision was made because Malaysians were not keen to
work in production lines.

He added that the ratio of local to foreign workers in the manufacturing sector was 1:3.
Reports said there are Malaysian companies that are at risk of losing customers if they will
not expand their operations.