Ill-fated Pinay maid’s remains brought home

THE remains of a Filipino household service worker who allegedly committed suicide in Lebanon two weeks ago arrived yesterday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

In a statement, the DFA said the remains of the 35-year-old domestic worker from Isabela were transported on a commercial flight from Beirut on Friday.

The DFA said the Philippine Embassy in Beirut made arrangements for the immediate repatriation of the remains after the husband of the deceased withdrew his request for the conduct of an autopsy.

Ambassador to Beirut Bernardita Catalla said the Embassy recommended that an autopsy be conducted in Lebanon to ensure that the mother of three indeed jumped to her death and was not a victim of foul play.

The Embassy recommended the autopsy after the sister of the deceased, who is also working in Lebanon, said there was no reason for her sibling to jump to her death from the sixth floor apartment of her employer.

Catalla said the Embassy had already made arrangements for an autopsy to be conducted by a court-appointed forensic expert in Beirut last Friday, but the husband executed an affidavit withdrawing his request after he was told some of the internal organs of his wife would have to be removed for examination and may not be returned.

“It was our understanding the husband wants to give his wife a decent burial with all her organs intact,” Catalla said. “We have to accede to his wishes.”