Czech Republic to hire more Filipino workers

THE Czech Republic is set to hire more Filipino workers in different fields as negotiations for group recruitment is underway, the Czech envoy in Manila said.

Czech Republic Ambassador to Manila Jaroslav Olša Jr., said starting this year, he is expecting some 300 to 400 Filipino workers to get their visas.

“We are starting this year. We think some 300 to 400 (Filipino workers) will probably get the visas but next year it will be 1,000,” the Ambassador said in an interview.

He explained the special program just started a month and a half ago where qualified Filipino workers will be recruited by agencies accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

“There is a program which was prepared by the government this year which will bring 1,000 Filipinos a year to the Czech Republic on special program. It started only a month and half ago,” Olša said.

He said local recruitment agencies working with POEA are in contact with Czech companies which are selecting the jobs for Filipinos.

“It’s starting because there was never such a program between the Czech and the Philippines yet,” he said adding majority of the Filipinos, about 700 who are now in the Czech Republic were recruited individually.

Workers are needed in the fields or baking, sales, drivers, IT, electronics, manufacturing and healthcare such as caregivers.

Czech officials recently met with Philippine labor officials to discuss their need for Filipino workers.

The Ambassador said the POEA head recently visited Prague and the Philippine Association of Service Exporters Inc. (PASEI) officials were coming to Czech and Poland to look for possible partners.

“That means its moving and you will see the results in a matter of few months,” he said.

The Czech government, on its website said they are allocating 1,000 job openings for the Philippines, 1,000 for Mongolia, and up to 10,000 for Ukraine which is their main source of agricultural workers.

According to data published in August 2017, Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire European Union (EU) with only 2.9 percent as compared to the 7.7 percent of the economic powerhouse Germany.