Will DU30 sign divorce bill into law?

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte still has to be asked if he will sign into a law a bill seeking to introduce divorce in the country.

At a press briefing in Iloilo yesterday, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said he is yet clueless on Duterte’s stand on the issue and would have to consult Duterte on the matter, mindful of the fact that the President once registered his opposition to it.

Duterte, then a presidential candidate, said in a March 2016 newspaper interview that he was not in favor of divorce for the sake of the children. He also said he was against abortion.

“I further confirm that the President remains steadfastly against abortion although I will seek clarification within the day his position on divorce and what he sees against divorce still stands because this is as of March of 2016 or two years ago,” Roque said when asked if the proposed law stands a chance of getting enacted.

The House of Representatives Committee on Population and Family Relations has passed a divorce bill, paving the way for plenary deliberations.