The face of evil

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TRILLANES is just like Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ, President Rodrigo Duterte said as he took a jab at Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV in a speech Wednesday to his new appointees whom he exhorted not to betray  to the public.

Duterte recalled the story behind how Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci found his model for Judas in his famous painting, The Last Supper. The tale is disputed online.

“Ang ika-13th (apostle), si Hudas. Hinanap niya sa lahat. Punta siya ng ganun, ganun, ganun but pag-uwi niya sa Florence, naghanap siya ng mukha talagang evil, pareho kay Trillanes,” Duterte said, drawing laughter from the audience.

“Naghanap siya ng mukha ni Trillanes. Wala man siya... wala pa man PMA (Philippine Military Academy) noon. Doon nakita niya ‘yung fiesta, nakita niya ‘yung isang tao sa karaming pagkain, gaiety and everything, he saw this man nag-i-scavenge, scavenging the basura, naghanap ng pagkain. So pagdaan niya nakita niya, nakita niya, “P***** i**, Trillanes nga ito.”

Da Vinci, according to Duterte, even tried to assuage the man he wanted to pose as a model for Judas, telling him not to be “insulted.”
“So he talked to him and said, ‘Do not be insulted, but you know, I’m trying to complete my painting, the only person missing there, the face is Judas’.”
Duterte said this is also what he would tell Trillanes.
“Sabihin ko kay Trillanes ganun, ‘You are not the Judas.’ But sabi ni Da Vinci, “You are a model for a face of evil.” Sabihin ko na rin… “You are a model… a face of evil,’” the President said.
At the conclusion of his speech Duterte said the  man who supposedly served as a model for Judas was the same man who posed as Jesus Christ for Da Vinci’s painting years earlier.
Duterte said government officials must learn from the story.
“I hate to see you being a Jesus Christ, only to discover in the end that you are the Judas that I have been also looking for,” he said.