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Solon calls for restoration of death penalty after 2 caught making marijuana laced-candy

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
  • Published in Nation
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TIME to restore the death penalty.

Surigao del Norte Representative Robert Ace Barbers, chairman of the House Committee on Dangerous Drugs, made this call after two individuals were arrested producing candy laced with marijuana.

Barbers expressed concern over the proliferation of this illegal activity victimizing and endangering innocent children.
Police arrested Albert Bobcock and Jan Allen Ledesma for allegedly producing candy laced with marijuana.
Barbers said school children might easily fall victim to this drug trade.
“I hope and pray that the capital punishment be restored as soon as possible,” Barbers said.
“Let us not wait until the drug menace ruins the lives of our youth. We must not show mercy for narcotics criminals who put our country’s future at stake,” he added.
Reports said Bobcock and Ledesma purportedly sold candies to college students only.
But Barbers said these marijuana-laced candies have reached several elementary schools prior to their arrest.
“A child would never know that these candies are spikedwith drugs. For a young child, they might look like an ordinary treat, but clearly, they are very dangerous,” Barbers pointed out.    
Studies show that consuming marijuana can have worse effects than smoking it. A child wouldn’t know about the dangers of illegal substance.
Barbers appealed to parents  to be very vigilant and keep on telling their  children to stay away from candies in strange and unfamiliar wrappings.
“It is also important that we monitor our kids’ activities all the time. Likewise, I am renewing my call for the restoration of the death penalty on drug-related crimes, especially on those crimes that involve minors,” Barbers stressed.