Police press probe into homicide cases

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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PHILIPPINE National Police investigators are under orders to probe deeper into cases of over 10,000 homicide cases recorded across the country since the start of the Duterte administration on July 1, 2016 to date, PNP spokesman Chief Superintendent Dionardo B. Carlos said yesterday.

Citing data generated from the Crime Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) of the PNP Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management, Carlos said the homicide cases include those stemming from various motives and circumstances such as arguments and misunderstanding, personal grudge, land dispute, love triangle, family dispute or “Rido”, atrocities by threat groups, business rivalry, road rage unpaid debt, indiscriminate firing and revenge.

From July 1 last year to last Wednesday, the official said that the PNP-DIDM has recorded 18,354 cases of “death under investigation’” compared to the July 1, 2016 to September 15, 2017 homicide cases under investigation which is 15,991.

The PNP-DIDM said that out of the 15,991 homicide cases under investigation, 6,129 or 38.52 percent were resolved while 9,782 or 61.48 percent are still under investigation.

Of the cases, 3,475 or 21.84 percent were deemed solved while 2,654 or 16.68 percent were considered as cleared.
Out of the 3,475 cases considered as solved,’ 120 or 0.75 percent were found to be drug-related while 3,355 or 21.09 percent were considered to be not drug-related.
Of the cases declared as cleared, 278 or 1.74 percent are drug-related while 2,375 or 14.93 percent are not.
Carlos said that during the period July 1, 2016 to September 15 this year, a total of 3,475 criminal charges have been filed by PNP homicide investigators.
Another 2,64 criminal charges have been filed against identified suspects in slay cases who remain at-large but are already the subject of manhunt operations, he said.
The PNP spokesman said that records will show that from July, 2016 to last August 31, the PNP also improved its Crime Clearance Efficiency to 73.68 percent from the 69.03 percent last year and the Crime Solution Efficiency to 60.33 percent from 56.23 percent last year.
“The improvements in the CCE and CSE only show that the PNP is relentless in its investigations until cases are solved and/or cleared with suspects arrested, detained, charged and prosecuted in court,” he said.
The last real numbers on Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign released by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency showed that a total of 1,308,078 confessed drug personalities have surrendered while 113,932 were arrested in   the crackdown on drugs launched by the PNP and the PDEA last year.
More than 90 percent of the anti-drug efforts of the government as a whole was accomplished by the PNP, the report said.
Carlos noted that more than 1.09 million suspects were arrested in 71,393 anti-drug operations from July 1 last year to September 30 this year and are facing charges in court.
Official PNP records showed the following: there were 2,290 ‘drug-related deaths’ during the period; 3,850 armed suspects died during police operations while 85 government troops—82 of them policemen and three soldiers— were killed as a result of the war on drugs so far.
A total of 6,225 deaths was recorded and validated which include the 3,850 individuals who died during police operations, majority of them during actual buy-bust operations.