PNP: Security firms can’t use sirens, blinkers

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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PHILIPPINE National Police Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (PNP-SOSIA)
director, Chief Superintendent Recson Tito T. Acabado yesterday called on all owners of private
security agencies to completely stop using unauthorized sirens and blinkers on their private
vehicles or they will be forced to confiscate those banned gadgets with the help of the PNP Highway
Patrol Group.
“We are not authorizing owners of private security agencies to equip their private motor
vehicles with sirens and blinkers  and are calling on our citizens to report to us violations of
our rule,” Acabado told the Journal Group.
The PNP-SOSIA has coordinated their effort to go after these erring private security
vehicles with the PNP-HPG headed by Chief Supt. Arnel B. Escobal. The PNP-HPG earlier launched its
Oplan: Disiplinadong Driver which aimed to arrest the unauthorized use  by drivers of sirens,
blinkers, LED lights and other banned gadgets in the country.
Acabado, a classmate from Philippine Military Academy ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986 of PNP
chief, Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa issued the reminder amid complaints that some
owners of private security agencies in Metro Manila and other parts of the country have painted
their personal motor vehicles with the word ‘SOSIA’ use sirens and blinkers to make it appear they
are authorized by the agency.
Acabado said that they are not tolerating the illegal practice. “First, it is prohibited to
use sirens and blinkers unless authorized by law to do so.  Private security agency vehicles are
not authorized to use the same,” he said.
“Second, the use of decals and signs appropriated to the PNP by privately-owned motor
vehicles  is strictly not allowed. The acts committed by the subject person driving such a vehicle
are contrary to law and regulations and should be meted appropriate sanctions,” the official added.
There have been complaints that many  private vehicles of security agency owners are using
their sirens and blinkers to wiggle out of heavy traffic on EDSA by making it appear they are SOSIA
vehicles although they are not.
Early morning yesterday, Acabado got a complaint that a white Nissan Patrol with plate no.
RGF-988 was traveling along EDSA while using a siren and a blinker.  The SUV has the word ‘SOSIA’
printed on the driver’s side. At its back can be seen the word ‘SECURITY.’        
The PNP-SOSIA checked the complaint and found out that the SUV with plate no. RGF-988
belongs to the V8 Security Agency owned by a retired police colonel. Acabado said he has instructed
his men to immediately summon the representatives of the V8 Security Agency and inform them of
their violation.
Under Presidential Decree 96, the use or attachment of sirens, bells, horns,
whistles or similar gadgets that emit exceptionally loud or startling sounds, including domelights
and other similar signalling or flashing devices on roads and highways is strictly prohibited.