PNP generals proud fathers of PNPA gradsv

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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FACING “extinction” in the Philippine National Police nine years from now, members of the Philippine Military Academy are now developing their counterparts from the PNP Academy as future PNP leaders with some even having sons who graduated from the PNPA and are now already majors, captains or lieutenants in the 175,000-strong police

The most famous of the PNP officials who have a son in the PNPA is no less than former PNP chief General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa, now the head of the Bureau of Corrections. The only son of the member of PMA ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986, Rock de la Rosa is now on his 1st year at the police academy, having entered the Academy in May last year.

Other Peemayers already have sons who are already PNPA graduates, the latest of them Inspector Reuben Antonio A. Fajardo, a member of PNPA ‘Maragtas’ Class of 2018 who is the son of Chief Superintendent Roberto B. Fajardo of PMA ‘Hinirang’ Class of 1987.

The elder Fajardo is a veteran anti-crime fighter who used to be the head of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group and later the Northern Police District. He is now the Regional Chief Directorial Staff of the National Capital Region Police Office headed by Director Camilo Pancratius P. Cascolan, a classmate of dela Rosa from PMA Class 1986.

“I could already retire from the service, ready to be replaced by my son who is a much better, an upgraded version of his father,” a beaming Fajardo said when he presented his son to PNP chief Director General Oscar D. Albayalde, also of PMA Class 1986 last Friday.

Other Peemayers who have a son who graduated from the PNPA are retired Gen. Bernardo Florece Jr., a member of PMA Class 1983 who is now an Undersecretary of the Department of Interior and Local Government; retired Gen. Napoleon Estilles of PMA Class 1981; his brother, retired Gen. Ronald Estilles of PMA Class 1984; retired Gen. Roberto Rongavilla of PMA Class 1979; and retired Gen. Diosdado Valeroso of PMA Class1982.

Ret. Gen. Ronald Estilles has the distinction of having produced the biggest number of offspring-turned PNPA graduates. The former Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Police Regional Office director is the proud father of three PNPA graduates, the eldest among them, Ronald Jr., a member of PNPA Class 2008 who is now a lawyer-Police Chief Inspector assigned with the PNP Directorate for Logistics. Ronald Jr.’s two brothers are both members of PNPA Class 2016: a Bureau of Fire Protection Inspector named Miguel and another Police Inspector named Rannie Jose.

Napoleon Estilles, a lawyer who retired as a 2-star police general is the father of Police Inspector Kevin Estilles of PNPA Cass 2015. Rongavilla, a former Manila Police District director is the father of a police chief inspector named Jonathan of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group.

Valeroso’s son Fidel is a member of PNPA Class 2011 while Florece’s son is a member of PNPA Class 2017.

These PNPAyers or ‘Lakans’ are set to replace members of the PMA or Cavaliers, the last of which will retire from the service nine years from now.

Records furnished to the Journal Group showed that as of July 1 2016 or the day former Davao City Mayor Rodrido R. Duterte took over the presidency, there were only 250 Peemayers left in the PNP with 28 of them including dela Rosa retiring this year.