PDEA, PNP defend Duterte drug figures

  • Written by Alfred Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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THE Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Philippine National Police yesterday defended President Duterte’s continuing war on drugs, saying that records will show that illegal drugs have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the country and needed to be thoroughly addressed by the national government.

PDEA chief Director General Isidro S. Lapeña and PNP chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa both said that the menace also bolsters the need for the PDEA, the PNP and other law enforcement agencies, government and private offices and all sectors of the society to ensure that they will help fully promote a drug-free environment.
A retired 3-star police general from Philippine Military Academy Class 1973, Lapeña said that as of last April 20, the PNP has recorded the surrender of 1.266 million confessed drug personalities who have surrendered as a result of the PNP Oplan: Tokhang.
They said the surrenderers have profiles and voluntarily admitted that they are either drug pushers or users.
The PDEA chief maintained that the number could even be more than that. “As we conduct intelligence gathering and conduct anti-drug operations, we are starting to dig deeper and uncover the real drug problem and drug situation in the country. It is only now that we were able to see and dig the real drug problem,” he said.
How did he come up with the figures? The PDEA chief said they use the formula ratio and proportion. From July 1, 2016 to last April 20, there were a total of 1,266,966 drug surrenderers followed by 8,760,795 or 34 percent of the total 22,975,630  household visited by the PNP.
Using the formula ratio and proportion, the number of total houses visited is to the number of surrenderer is equal to the total number of household nationwide is to X, he said. Based on the statistical computation with a margin of error of 20 percent or those who did not cooperate with law enforcers during the house visitation, there are 4.7 million drugs users in the Philippines.
The PDEA assumption: for every eight household, there is one drug personality in the household. Based on data, the real number of drug users is 4.7 million.
Lapeña said that when it comes to demand side, the 1.2 million surrenders mean  a 26.95 percent reduction of the estimated total drug market of more than 4 million users.
“I will see to it that anyone of my men who will test positive for shabu or marijuana will face administrative charges that may merit their dismissal from the service. There is no room for any drug-using cop in this country,” the member of PMA ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986 said.