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I'm only human - Dela Rosa

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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Dela Rosa Dela Rosa

APOLOGIZING for his emotional outburst recently, Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. de la Rosa on Monday said he is only a human being who gets affected by left and right criticisms which is why he called his critics “ingrates” last week.

“Pareho lang tayong tao. I feel frustrated, I feel sad kasi hindi ako plastic. Hindi ako pulitiko na magpapa-cute. Tao lang ako but we’re doing our best,” he said. The PNP chief also said that his use of the word “ingrate” was a “spur of the moment” response to criticism against him.

“Hindi ba nakinabang ang mga taong ito sa ginawa natin sa kalsada? Masama lang loob ko,” he said.

Last week, de la Rosa called as “ingrates” critics of  the Duterte  government’s war on drugs.

“You can criticize us to high heavens. Yung mga critics, sabihan ko kayo, ingrato kayo,” the top cop said in taking a  swipe  at their critics whom he said  are also benefiting  from  the  anti-illegal drug campaign which has made the  streets  much safer compared to previous  years.

“Alam ko nakikinabang kayo sa war on drugs, pero prangka lang, ingrato kayo. You can criticize us walang problema. Nakikinabang din kayo sa peace and order na tinatamasa niyo,” he said in referring to all critics of their campaign without mentioning any names or groups.
“No specific person. Basta kung kini-criticize niyo kami tanggap namin ‘yan. Tanggap namin kayo. Ako naman bubwelta at bubwelta rin kami sa inyo,” he declared.
Members of the opposition particularly those identified with the Liberal Party, human rights  groups and the Catholic Church have been constantly hitting the government’s deadly crackdown on illegal drug trafficking and abuse since July 1,  2016.
The PNP leadership earlier posed the question: “Where are the 13,000 EJK victims in the current campaign against drugs being cited by government critics? The question was raised in the wake of official reports on the progress of the PNP: Double Barrel and Homicide Cases Under Investigation since July 1 last year.
Official PNP records showed the following: there were 2,290 “drug-related deaths” during the period; 3,850 armed suspects died during police operations while 85 government troops—82 of them policemen and three soldiers — were killed as a result of the war on drugs so far.

A total of 6,225 deaths was recorded and validated which include the 3,850 individuals who died during police operations, the majority of them during actual buy-bust operations.
If armed drug dealers are not offering any resistance, how come 85 policemen and soldiers have been killed while 204 others were wounded while conducting the war on drugs since July last year? Carlos asked.