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Face-off with narco mayors

  • Written by Efren Montano
  • Published in Nation
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MALACAÑANG confirmed yesterday President Rodrigo Duterte will have a face-off with the nation’s mayors in Malacañang after he threatened to “kill” narco politicians.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella told Palace reporters that all mayors were invited to the meeting which will give the President an opportunity to discuss with the local executive his anti-drug campaign.

“I suppose the intent is to have a conversation... He has not really met with the mayors in order to discuss his positions, especially eradicating criminality, crime and drugs,” Abella said.

Abella explained Duterte’s kill order against narco mayors.

“It is... a matter of the leadership style and messaging style of the President ... This is his messaging style to underline his intentions. He is serious about it.”
In a speech in Malacañang Monday, Duterte said he would kill mayors included in his narco-list.
“Itong malalaking shabu dealers, mamamatay talaga ito. And the next batch would really be tatawagin ko ‘yung mga mayors, i-lock ko, no --- kami-kami lang. Sabihin ko talaga sa kanila. Ganun kakapal ‘yung ipinakita ko sa inyo eh. Hanapin mo ‘yung pangalan mo diyan, mayor. T****** i** ‘pag nandiyan ‘yung pangalan mo, may problem ka. Talagang papatayin kita,” Duterte said.