Duterte wants cheap Indian medicines

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte wants affordable medicines from India.

In their bilateral talks, the President expressed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi the Philippines’ eagerness to welcome Indian investments to provide affordable medicines to Filipinos.

At their bilateral meeting late Tuesday night at the Philippine International Convention Center, Duterte told Modi that medications from the United States were expensive for a poor country like the Philippines.

“I’m happy that you’re here because of we can’t find the medicines, and you have it and it is—India—people who can really afford to buy it. But you know, you bring—or you go to any other place, America, especially medications and tablets, it’s very, very expensive,” Duterte said.

Duterte said Americans don’t recommend generic medicines since they won’t make money out of them.
“That is the truth. You buy branded medicines. There are so many stories about cheaper, almost socialized pricing for the medicine,” he said.
“And if there is an investor that could be interested, an Indian citizen of yours who would want to venture in our place, we would be happy,” he added.
The media was sent out of the room in the middle of Modi’s opening statement.
Aside from medicines, Duterte and Modi also talked about the two countries’ other trade relations, including the automobile industry.
He also pointed out to Modi that the Philippine National Police uses India-manufactured Mahindra cars.