DU30 to critics: I’ll cut off your heads!

“…Sabayan ko kayo, putulan ng ulo!”

President Rodrigo Duterte directed the exclamation at human rights advocates opposing his bloody war on drugs which he vowed to finish within three years.

Duterte fumed anew at the effects of the illegal drug use even as he said he would behead human rights advocates critical of his campaign against illegal drugs.

“Three years, ubos na iyan,” the President said in his speech at the inauguration of a bridge in Tagum City, Davao del Norte Thursday night. He illustrated the dire effects of the drug menace in Philippine society by anecdotally citing the case of an overseas Filipino worker who toiled hard in another country and even got maltreated only to come home to a family one of whose members had become a drug dependent.

“Kaya ang sakit talaga ng loob ko na makita ko ang sakripisyo nila, binababoy nitong durugista. If you know better, huwag ka talagang magkumpiyansa diyan sa human rights na iyan, kay pati iyan sabayin ko kayo putulan ng ulo.Hindi ako madala ng ganoong takot. Ikulong mo ako eh di ikulong mo ako,” Duterte said.

“Kung dapat ako ikulong, eh di fine. I’ll pay the price. But do not fuck with the Filipino family,” he added.
The President also pointed out that there had been 77,000 drug-connected homicide and murder cases based on a survey that covered many administrations.

He added that drug suspects would get away with their crimes because their lawyers would insist they were not in the right state of mind when they committed them.
“Kapag ang tao durog, ang tao buang tapos nakapatay under the influence of drugs and when he is caught at basag na talaga, wala ng magawa sa utak, pagdating sa korte niyan, sabihin lang ng abogado, ‘Judge, paki-examine muna na if he is in his complete mental faculty, if he can stand trial. Does he understand the charges?’ Kapag sabihin ng psychiatrist ito, ‘Kita mo oh, hindi na nga sumasagot,’” he said.
“So iyong pinatay niya, ni-rape niya na bata, or itong lasing—tabla. Iyan ang hindi naisip ng human rights, mga p— inang ito eh. Ngayon, hindi siya buang, he is completely sane when he committed the crime. But sa katagal, sa kakagamit, one year, six months after he is caught and he is identified but at that time he is already insane,” the President lamented.