Dengvaxia vaccine safe — Sanofi exec

SANOFI Pasteur Inc. (SP) has assured the House of Representatives and the public that its Dengvaxia vaccine is “safe and effective” and its continued use is most beneficial to a country like the Philippines that has a high incidence of the dengue disease.

As the House committees on good government and public accountability and on the committee on health conducted a hearing, Thomas Triomphe—the head of Asia-Pacific Sanofi Pasteur—affirmed that to this day, its Dengvaxia vaccine “offers, and has clearly been shown to offer, persistent protection against Dengue infection, which is undeniably beneficial to the Philippines, a country with one of the highest Dengue endemicity in the world with about 150,000 to 200,000 reported cases of Dengue every year—and these are just the reported cases.”

Triomphe pointed out that the protocols of the clinical trials that were conducted prior to the vaccine’s registration in 2015 “satisfied Philippine FDA regulations and requirements were endorsed by various national agencies and international experts, in full compliance with no less than the Guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).”

“As a consequence, in December 2015, Dengvaxia was registered in the Philippines. Since then, Dengvaxia has been registered in 19 countries in Latin America and Asia and is actually used in 11 nations (both in the private and public market).,” Triomphe said.

He said, “It has since been able to provide sustained protection to over a million people all over the world. Even today, there has been no reported death….linked to the vaccine.”

“According to the WHO itself, next to clean water, no single intervention has had so profound an effect on the prevention and control of infectious diseases than the widespread introduction of vaccines,” he said.