Contract with Vigilant aboveboard — Guevarra

  • Written by Hector Lawas
  • Published in Nation
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JUSTICE Secretary Menardo Guevarra yesterday officially declared that the contract between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Vigilant Investigative and Security Agency (Vigilant), owned by the family of Solicitor General Jose Calida, was aboveboard.

Guevarra said this was established after he ordered a review of the security services contract with Vigilant despite his initial pronouncements dismissing allegations of irregularity.

“Right from the beginning I was of the conclusion that there was nothing irregular about it but because some people wanted that this matter be examined further so I said there was nothing wrong looking into it again so we did,” Guevarra said.

“I examined all the records pertaining to the procurement and all of were regular on their face,” he added.

But, Guevarra pointed that his findings covers only the contract between the DoJ and Vigilant and not the other contracts that the latter entered into with other government agencies.

Guevarra noted that the contract underwent a public bidding and that all the regulations under the Government Procurement Reform Act were complied with by the parties.

“All of these were followed from the start of the bidding up to the end,” Guevarra noted.

The DOJ, he said, chose Vigilant because it had the lowest and responsibe bid among the other bidders.