Concerned, not sexist

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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte explained why he would rather not appoint women for certain government positions.

In his speech on Friday night in Davao City, Duterte said there are some tasks he simply cannot expect women to do.

"Even how sabihin mo mga bright 'yang babae, ‘yung lahat nasa political horizon – you're better off with young people. Ayaw ko talaga ng babae. Gusto ko lalaki kasi marami akong utos," he said.

Duterte claims to be uncomfortable with sending women to a conflict zone like Marawi. He did not explain why.

"Suddeny, I will tell you you go to Marawi because nobody is supervising there. Mapapagawa ko ba 'yan sa babae, pasubuin? (Can I make a woman do that, jump in?)" he said.

He repeated that women are suited for certain roles. For instance, in his Cabinet, positions like tourism secretary are, to his mind, for women.

"Ako, nasanay ako sa lalaki. Pero yung mga position na hindi naman kailangan, tourism," he said.

The tough-talking president, who often flaunts his affairs with women, has been slammed several times for his sexist remarks and misogynistic behavior towards women.