Chinese plane in Davao again

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THE controversial Chinese military plane that landed at the Davao International Airport on June 8 was back on Saturday.

Sources said the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s IL-76 strategic airlifter made a quick pitstop to refuel after participating in a military exercise in New Zealand.

The same explanation was issued by the Chinese Embassy in Manila and local authorities after the plane was sighted in the same airport earlier this month.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua was quoted in reports asserting that Filipinos have no reason to be worried over the landings of their air assets in the country saying that China has no intention of waging war with a “good neighbor.”

The Palace said that the plane’s refueling went through proper processing and was cleared by government agencies.

The plane left Davao on Saturday afternoon and is reportedly on its way back to mainland China.

On Friday, a Royal Australian Air Force C17 military transport aircraft also landed in Davao City.

Reports said that the purpose of the rare visit from the giant aircraft is still unclear.

The presence of foreign military air assets in the country sparked controversies and debates especially with the present territorial row with China in the West Philippine Sea.