Albayalde pushes SAF training for PNP recruits

  • Written by Alfred Dalizon
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A FORMER ‘Tagaligtas’ or a Special Action Force commando, incoming Philippine National Police chief, Director Oscar D. Albayalde has joined the countless people calling for police recruits to be trained by instructors from the famous elite PNP-SAF.

For so many years now, unending presence of scalawags which have tarred the image and integrity of the 175,000-strong police force have triggered calls for the PNP leadership to place all its recruits under a PNP-SAF-supervised training  for the would-be policemen to have the same kind of discipline and right attitude of a SAF commando once he is fielded on the streets.

Albayalde, a veteran SAF commando from Philippine Military Academy ‘Sinagtala’ Class of 1986, has joined the multitude of officers who have in their mind one sure formula to come up with better-trained and highly-disciplined Police Officers 1: have them trained by  PNP-SAF. 

“Kung puwedeng i-handle ito ng SAF mas maganda, but then we need a bigger facility and better facility,” the outgoing National Capital Region Police Office chief said.

There have been previous proposals that PNP recruits should first be trained by SAF instructors in order for them to know how hard the life of a police commando is and for them to really love their profession and not be easily lured by the evils of money. It is a fact that SAF commandos are the most disciplined officers in the 175,000-strong police force and the only strike force whose men are really ready to offer their lives for the country as exemplified by the infamous killing of the so-called Gallant 44 during the secret operation to neutralize Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir alias Marwan in Mamasapano, Maguindanao in January 2015.
Albayalde is also eyeing the establishment of a school which could standardize the training of the police force knowing that each product of the PNP-SAF is known for his or her strict brand of discipline, courage and integrity.
“Kung pwede nga we would like to create one big school para ma-standardize ’yung aming training, dahil ako nanggaling ako sa Special Action Force. I stayed there for five years sa SAF so nakita ko na iba naman talaga ’yung pag-uugali, ’yung training, ‘yung skills, ’yung discipline ng ating mga pulis na naka-assign sa SAF even before during our PC (Philippine Constabulary) days,” he said.
Albayalde will assume the top PNP post vice Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa this  Thursday in an occasion to be attended by President Duterte. The President said he picked Albayalde to succeed Gen. Dela Rosa because of his strict ways in disciplining the Metro Manila police force apart from his crackdown against drugs and other crimes.
“Albayalde is the man for you. The stricter, the better,” said the President.
“I think itong advocacy natin, we share the same advocacy with our SILG (Secretary of the Interior and Local Government) even with Chief Bato, kailangan natin siguro ma-improve and we’ll have a standard training for all PNP recruits,” he said.
Main proponents of the move are former PNP-SAF commander and officers, many of them among the pioneers of the Constabulary Special Action Force organized by former PC/INP chief, General Fidel V. Ramos, the man who would later emerged as a Philippine president.
“I have asked the PNP leadership before to centralize the recruitment and training of all recruits and see to it that they will be handled by a SAF cadre. However, there have been strong opposition to my proposal particularly by the Regional Directors and the Regional Training Services,” former PNP-SAF director Leocadio Santiago Jr. said.
The retired official said that at present, the PNP-SAF headed by Director Noli G. Taliño has the capability to train all PNP recruits.  Currently, the only PNP unit with air, water and land capability, the PNP-SAF is continuously aspiring to attain its vision to be a highly-capable, effective and credible tactical support unit of the country by 2020.