Worker mauled to death by 4 men

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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A CONSTRUCTION worker reportedly died after being beaten up by four unidentified attackers that included a woman, at the Baseco Compound in Port Area, Manila, early Saturday morning. 

Juan Collantes, 34, of Baseco Compound, Port Area, Manila, was already dead when found slumped at Block 1, Aplaya, at 1:25 a.m.                                  
Initial investigation by PO3 Roderick Magpale of the Manila Police District-Homicide Section said that based on witnesses’ accounts, the attackers were identified only through their aliases as ‘Jerson’, ‘John Paul’, ‘Marlyn’ and ‘Kuya Lito,’ who also goes by the alias ‘Burdado.’     
It was learned that the victim’s body was discovered by truck driver Ivan Felizardo, 37, of Baseco Compound, as he passed by the area. He then informed the Baseco Police Community Precinct about the matter.                                                           
Witnesses told police that the suspects ganged up on the victim and only stopped beating him up when he was no longer moving. He was also said to have been hit in the head with a wooden truncheon, which was found at the crime scene full of blood along with a knife.   
Police said a follow-up operation will be conducted to establish the identities of the suspects and have them arrested.       
In a related development, one of the suspects

-- ‘Jerson’ surrendered yesterday to Supt. Santiago Pascual III, station commander of the Manila Police District-Station 2 in Moriones, but denied any involvement in the said crime.                       
However, suspect Jerson Aguilar, 21, of 40 Blk. 1, Aplaya, Baseco Compound, also told police that Collantes had been bullying them for quite sometime, prior to his death.