Probe shows no tampering with Cebu Pacific passenger’s luggage

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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“THERE were no discrepancies nor indications of tampering in the baggage of the concerned passenger under the care and custody of Cebu Pacific”.

Thus declared Cebu Pacific corporate communications director Ma. Rosario Lagamon as she announced that a full and thorough investigation had been made after an alleged baggage pilferage was claimed by a female passenger on Flight 5J 113 that arrived April 14, 2018. The said passenger flew via another airline from London to Hong Kong, where she retrieved her luggage prior to checking in for Cebu Pacific Flight 5J113 (Hong Kong-Manila).

“We thank the passenger for her patience as we investigated the incident and the appreciation she conveyed to our team for the support we provided her. We are providing all information and footage to the authorities, and submitting a full report to the Manila International Airport Authority,” she said.
Lagamon said the conduct of investigation included inquiries with the ground staff, viewing body cam and fixed CCTV footage, among others.
It was learned that a coordination was also made with ground handlers at the Hong Kong International Airport to trace the handling of the passenger’s baggage from the time she arrived in Hong Kong up to the time that she flew to Manila.
Citing the details of the investigation, Lagamon said that after checking-in for Flight 5J 113 in Hong Kong, the passenger’s baggage was placed inside a Unit Load Device (ULD) or baggage container and secured aboard the aircraft.
The CCTV security footage showed that the ULD arrived Manila intact, with the passenger’s baggage inside.
‘The CCTV footage further showed ground personnel loading the baggage on the carousel with the lock still in place,’ she added.