Ospital ng Tondo, a modern hospital for Manileños poor -- Estrada

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Ospital ng Tondo is moving towards as a modern and fully-equipped hospital to cater thousands of poor Manileños who cannot afford the high cost of medical service which is located at the heart of the densely populated Tondo district, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada said.

The hospital is now undergoing rehabilitation thru the Department of Health-Health Facility Enhancement Program (DoH-HFEP) sponsorship which started on March 15, 2017 to further improve medical services to the thousands of residents in Districts 1 and 2, the Manila chief executive said.

During the 24th anniversary of the Ospital ng Tondo, the city government is also in the process of acquiring additional brand-new medical equipment such as digital X-ray and electrocardiogram (ECG) machines, for dengue victims and other facilities so the 50-bed hospital could accommodate more indigent patients.

“This hospital was built to provide free and comprehensive proper healthcare,” the Manila mayor said.

“We will continue improving its services and facilities for the well-being of poor Tondo residents.”

Housed in a five story building, the hospital, located along Jose Abad Santos Street in Tondo, was last renovated in 2009, at least nine years ago, he said.

The former president now Manila mayor said that when he was not yet the mayor of Manila, the hospital lacked even basic medical equipment and facilities to serve the growing number of indigent patients.

Under Estrada’s administration, all the six city-run hospitals and 59 community health centers, were renovated and modernized, including the acquisition of a long line of state-of-the art equipment and facilities.

The establishment of a 50-bed capacity secondary hospital of Ospital ng Tondo is surely the answer to a poor man’s health needs.

Funded solely by the local government, Ospital ng Tondo offers free hospitalization and medicines to the countless who want to avail of all these health benefits.

“This spell the difference between a successful treatment outcome or a lingering disease among our poor patients. Manned by the physicians with respective specialization headed by its director Dr. Isaias Cando, Ospital ng Tondo has already established a track record of quality health care worthy of the trust and respect of the people it serve,” Mayor Estrada said.