Horacio’s parents submit laptop to MPD probers

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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THE parents of hazing victim Horacio “Atio” Castillo III have submitted his laptop to the Manila Police
District-Homicide Section for purposes of electronic device examination by the MPD’s cybercrime

This was learned from MPD Spokesman Erwin Margarejo, who said that the police will check the
contents for possible video footages, chats or other electronic evidence that they can verify or
Margarejo also said the MPD is now mulling the filing of obstruction of justice charges against
the lawyer-members of the Aegis Juris Fraternity, who planned a coverup.  
‘It is very obvious sa Messenger thread that they tried to cover up, they were planning to
cover up and (there is) obstruction of justice on the ongoing investigation. They are lawyers but
(they) violated their own oath, Margarejo said. 
He added that the fraternity members who refused to submit their DNA sample at the Senate
inquiry may have been present at the initiation rites of Castillo. They are Arvin Balag, Mhin Wei Chan,
Oliver Onofre, Ralph Trangia, Joshua Macabili, Rogelio Bongget and Ranie Santiago.     
The DNA sample taken from the Castillos matched with the blood sample found on the paddle that
was recovered from the Aegis Juris Library.