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Chinese school seeks MPD help vs suspicious-looking men

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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A private school in Manila which caters mostly to Chinese students, is seeking the help of the Manila Police District (MPD) to rid their immediate vicinity of suspicious-looking individuals who may be kidnappers.

Auhoritites of the said school located in Paco, Manila, said that one of the school’s security guards was alert enough to report the suspicious presence of a man and a woman whom he said he had been seen frequently lurking in the area.
A review of the school’s closed circuit television (CCTV) showed the said man and woman indeed loitering in the area. On one occasion, the audio caught the woman egging on the man to ‘grab’ a girl student who was then about to enter the gate after alighting from a vehicle.
School authorities said they are willing to provide the police with all the necessary details in order to establish the identity of the said man and woman and their motive for loitering in the said area.
They also requested police authorities to have the said individuals banned from the immediate vicinity of their school since apparently, they have no business being there and may have dubious motives.
School security said the duo use a Toyota Avanza and were observed to be acting suspiciously. It was learned that the said school has some students who are children of high-profile personalities.
On one occasion, the guard told a maintenance to follow the duo and get the plate number of their vehicle.  Said maintenance later reported having overheard the woman telling the man: ‘puro ka tutok, hatakin mo na!’
The woman was described as about 5’1”, about 60 years old, dark-skinned, with colored hair and limping while the man was medium build, about 5’5” tall and in his mid-50s.