Australian prof in BI blacklist not detained

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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GILL Hale Boehringer, the  84-year-old Australian professor who was barred entry into the country after his name was found to be included in the Bureau of Immigration (BI) blacklist, is not detained.

This clarification was issued yesterday by the BI, adding that Boehringer, who is subject of an exclusion order last August 8 arising from his inclusion in the BI’s blacklist, actually remains at the exclusion room of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. He reportedly joined a rally in 2015 which became the basis for his exclusion. 

Under the procedure, a foreigner, upon serving of the exclusion order, is immediately turned over to the airlines which, by law, is required to board the passenger on the next available flight back to his port of origin. 

In the case of Boehringer, the BI said custody has been with the airline immediately upon exclusion, and he has been staying in the airline’s exclusion room pending his return flight, which is a decent room with basic furniture needed for a comfortable stay, adding that ‘technically speaking, he has not entered the country.’

Boehringer reportedly appealed to be admitted to the country, which the BI denied, citing his “failure to controvert the assessment of the immigration officer”.  He may opt to later file for the lifting of his blacklist, which is subject to the presentation of proof to reverse the order of exclusion. 

Regularly updated on the status of Boehringer, the BI said it had been told by the airline concerned that Boehringer was unable to board his scheduled flight due to medical reasons.