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The incredible success of a 'Pinas foundling in Brunei!

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BRUNEI is an oil-rich country which is one hour and 45 minutes away from Manila, Philippines.

In this small and peaceful country, Kathelyn Dupaya (maiden name is Dela Cruz), a hard working Filipina, found her niche as an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. Her name must ring a bell in almost all of the Filipinos who live in Brunei.

Kathy (as her friends call her) is a successful businesswoman who owns MK beauty salon, MK boutique, MK bakery, MK Shabu-Me (Japanese/Filipino Restaurant) and MK Filipino Restaurant, all in Brunei.

All of which are trademarked as “MK”, which stands for Mar and Kathy (Mar, being the name of her husband).

In Manila, Kathy owns a string of apartments in Makati and Bulacan, alongside with a transportation business. All of these are earning under the umbrella of MK Group of Companies.

So, how did she build her empire? She first came to Brunei when she was 17 recruited by a Chinese businessman to become a waitress as she doubled as a housemaid by night. Then, she worked as a saleslady at an electronic store.
One time, she tried her luck at the ‘Lucky Draw’ (like the local lotto) and won one million (Brunei) dollars. She placed another bet and another and another, and kept on winning.
And the rest, as they say, is history.