2018 Swimwear Inspiration for Filipinas

  • Written by Kristen Gomez
  • Published in Women's Journal
  • Read: 5038

Although summer or dry season in the Philippines has technically come to an end, that doesn't mean the beaches never stop calling locals and tourists alike. With tons of idyllic spots to explore, exciting water activities to partake in, and fun parties to attend, your swimwear is a pretty big deal when it comes to your beach trip. Swimwear companies have also become increasingly creative these days, offering more than just a standard triangular two-piece bikini.

As part of Journal Online's quest of bringing empowering news to women, we're back to give you the latest fashion scoop on what you can wear to the beach. Here are some swimwear inspiration from international personalities you can definitely pull off here in the Philippines.

1. Off-shoulder one piece

The off-shoulder has practically invaded every woman's closet from jumpsuits to dresses, so why wouldn't it look chic as swimwear? While it may not be practical for hardcore swimming, it does look cute to lounge around in. Pretty Me suggests getting those with bold and tropical prints to seal your status as a beach babe. A little bit revealing, but still charming. It's certainly going to look amazing on you and your feed.

2. High-cut bottoms

You may have seen the Kardashian-Jenners popularize this swimsuit cut in order to show off their bottoms, but this style has been around for a while. Vogue has taken notice of many celebrities that have hopped on the train, including Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin. Channeling workout gear from the '80s, this high-rise bikini creates an illusion of longer legs.

3. High-neck bikini

Swimwear nowadays has been making major throwbacks to past fashion trends. Another example of this is the high-neck bikini. This is perfect for those who want to wear a two-piece but aren't fans of too much exposure. Puerto Rican blogger Naty Michele shows everyone how it's done by layering her high-neck bikini with a kimono.

4. Multicolored swimwear

It's common to see swimsuits in subdued tones in the Philippines. If you want to stand out, go for something different. Rainbow pieces are all the rage right now in other parts of the globe, which look striking against tan skin. Pop Sugar credits Mara Hoffman and ASOS in popularizing this design with their recent collections. It definitely won't be the last time we'll be seeing prints like these. The pop of color proves to be popular on other fashion pieces such as suits and pants, so it's not surprising to see it dominating swimwear as well.

When it comes to living in the Philippines, you're bound to own more than one swimsuit. Embrace the trends, experiment with different styles, and go for something you can both be comfortable and confident in. Enjoy the beach!