New iPhone likely out in Sept.

Published : Sunday March 30, 2014   |  Category : Gadgets   |  Views : 581

TOKYO (AFP) - Apple is to release its newest iPhone in September, with higher resolution and bigger screens, a report said Friday, its latest salvo in the smartphone wars where it has lost global market share to rivals such as Samsung. The new handset, expected to be called the iPhone... Read more

WeChat upgrades, integrates game apps

Published : Sunday January 26, 2014   |  Category : Technology   |  Views : 1277
By : Bhaby See

CHATTING and social media sites have made it easy to stay connected with friends and loved ones. With the budding of new generation social media chat apps, which the current hundreds of millions of users findĀ  more easy and user-friendly, do netizens foresee early collapse of Facebook and Twitter? A... Read more

Put your smartphone in night mode

Published : Saturday January 25, 2014   |  Category : Gadgets   |  Views : 1478

THE beauty of Android operating system in most smartphones and tablets is you can setĀ  your own personal settings including extending the battery life and saving your eyes from too much screen brightness. Download the Night Mode app in Google play store and give your eyes some breather when the... Read more

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