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High profile love affairs ‘dangerous’

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Andi Eigenmann Andi Eigenmann

WE somehow get worried when movie stars make their romances very high profile instead of low and private. They pledge their love to high heavens for all the world to see, and then when it fails, the world comes crashing down for them and sadistic people even blame and make fun of them for their failed romances.

One of them is Andi Eigenmann, who had high profile affairs before with Jake Ejercito and Albie Casino that everyone followed on social media. Andi has posted the photos of her new BF called Yo. Full name is Emilio Arambulo. She proclaimed about him: “You pulled me into your peace. Here’s to more endless summers with you. Maligayang anniversary. #YoAndi..hehehehe.” In other posts, she declared: “It was a sunshine on your shoulders kind of day.” “And my wish for you is to still see the sunset even on those darkest days.”

Of course, some bashers won’t let go of this unnoticed and chided Andi that she can go have fun with her new boyfriend because her daughter Ellie has found a caring dad in Jake E who takes good care of her.

Another romance we’re worried about is that of Sunshine Cruz with Ismael Macky Mathay. Both of them come from failed marriages and Mathay has confirmed in social media and in an interview that he and Sunshine are in a relationship. As we all know, Sunshine’s first husband is Cesar Montano and their marriage has yet to be annulled. Mathay’s first wife is Camille Farinas.

They both have three kids each.

Macky has posted this for Sunshine: “The Lord has given me already the desires of my heart, I could not ask for more. Never did I think that such a woman existed.”  Well, we hope such positive feelings will last forever. Sunshine’s three daughters also all posted their respective approval for Macky.
Celebs in love should learn from Zsa Zsa Padilla who used to be so showy about her love affair with Conrad Onglao, but has since learned to keep quiet and keep a low profile after they split and got together again.
THE Tommy Esguerra-Miho Nishida love team was born in PBB737 last year where Miho was the big runner up and Tommy was the first runner up. Miho is 23, of Filipino-Japanese ancestry. She was born in Angono, Rizal but her entertainer mom brought her to Tokyo when she was 2 years old and raised her there. She became a teenage mom and is now a single mom of a 6-year old daughter.
Tommy turned 22 last June, born and raised in Long Beach, California. He first went to Manila for a TV show but it turned out to be a scam. His love team with Miho hit it big on TV and they now have their own fans, with the single “binata” Tommy wholehearted embracing Miho’s love child.
After PBB, they joined “Showtime” in the “Tomiho Realiserye” and they now star in the movie “Foolish Love” of Regal, with Jake Cuenca and Angeline Quinto, directed by Joel Lamangan. On ABS-CBN, they’re in the show “Funny Ka Pare Ko” with Bayani Agbayani on TVplus’ Cinemo and will soon star in the new soap that will replace “Be My Lady” of Erich-Daniel. Looks like the public adores their tandem and their very first movie together will be a good test case if they could now have a hit of their own on the big screen.


WE attended the opening night of Cinema One Filmfest at Trinoma last Sunday and channel head Ronald Arguelles honored all the directors who has entries in this year’s festival with framed posters of their respective movies. He also gave plaques of recognition to past Cinema One entries that won honors abroad, like Ralston Jover’s “Hamog” which won the Moscow International Filmfest best actress award for Therese Malvar as a juvenile delinquent who poisoned to death all the members of the family who adopted her, the animated best film last year “Manang Biring”, the movie about a gay beauty pageant “Miss Bulalacao” and the Venice Filmfest best pic “Ang Babaeng Humayo”.
The Cinema One entries, including acclaimed foreign films, are now being shown in Trinoma, Glorietta, Greenhills, Gateway and Cinematheque. Unfortunately, the opening film, South Korea’s horror flick, “The Wailing”, is not that impressive. It’s about a buffoonish slow-witted overweight cop, who looks and acts more like a comedian than a serious hero, who investigates a series of gory and violent deaths in their province.
The main problem is we cannot sympathize with him or any of the characters. They can all die, for all we care. There’s a deliberate trick to confuse and manipulate us viewers as to who the real culprit could be and the movie just goes on and on without offering any real scares.  Badly written, the script raises a lot of questions that are left unanswered.
We were so bored we wanted to walk out, but our son and his wife who came with us wanted to stay, much to our regret. Honestly, the horror flicks of Chito Rono like ‘Feng Shui’ and ‘The Healing’ are more involving and effective than this one and we hope the next Cinema One entries we’ll see with not be as similarly disappointing.
We also saw “The Salesman” by Asghar Farhadi, who directed the Oscar-winning “A Separation”, which is definitely much better than his new work. But the lead actor in “The Salesman”, Shahab Hosseini, won the best actor award in the last Cannes Filmfest where our very own Jaclyn Jose won as best actress. He’s quite okay.
The first local Cinema One entry we saw is “Tisay”, written and directed by Borgy Torre whose first directorial job, “Kabisera” (also a Cinema One entry) was quite impressive. He faltered when he was made to direct a mainstream horror flick, “Resureksyon”, but he now vindicates himself in “Tisay”. Don’t miss it as it offers great lead performances from Nathalie Hart in the title role, JC De Vera and Joel Torre, with great support from a very menacing Isabel Granada (just two scenes but with much impact) and Mailes Kanapi as the mother of JC who has an indescribable brutal scene with the sadistic Joel. Nathalie delivers one of the most shocking lines in the history of local cinema: “Sa dami ng lalaking kumantot sa’kin, kasya na ang kamay ko sa puki ko.”